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Order timing misunderstanding


Hi, I am new one, kindly guide me. Once I had bidden on a buyer request with the time of 24 delivery , than he did accept it and told me about his requirements which was too much difficult in the meaning that It would need 2-3 days.
What should I do?


*Sorry 24 mean, 24 hours.


Tell the buyers that you can not complete within 24 hours and if you could not complete within 24 hours then I think you should not sent proposal …


But he did accepted my formal proposal without any discussion.


You could either try to get it done within 24 hours or select the resolution centre option on the order page and request a time extension.

If possible, in future don’t bid on requests that aren’t clear enough or put limitations on the offer or if you think you might need more time put a higher number of days delivery in the offer, even if it’s higher than what the request says.


You can explain the buyer that 24 hours is not enough to complete the job. May be buyer can give you extension.


If a buyer get chance to get better work then he/she will definitely order without conversation.You should first clear those all things .Now you can tell the buyer to increase the time/or cancel if you can not do it .


Thank you so much to assist me.