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Order total is WRONG!


I got the order from one Buyer and he placed the order of $5 and 2 days. After the discussion, I sent him the order Extras of $25 and +2 days. The buyer accepted the order Extras and what I am seeing is order days is 4 and the order total is $26.25!!!??? HOW? In which country’s math $5 + $25 = $26.25?

Is there anyone here, who are facing the same issue?



We need to see a screenshot otherwise we are unable to advise you


When a custom additional offer is accepted, the extra amount is billed not in USD but in the buyer’s national currency.

Check the symbol next to the amount and you’ll notice it’s not in USD.


This is something I never knew. If that’s true, thanks for the knowledge. :wink:

I’ve seen the symbol for an extra the buyer got be in euros a few times but it always equals the amount that would be correct in US dollars. I always thought when it had the euros symbol it was a bug.

@phpdev When you set up the extra the buyer got did you mark that it required an extra two days to complete? You might want to check with customer support and send them a screenshot.


Thanks all for the replies! :slightly_smiling_face:

@mariashtelle1 I attached the screenshot with this message.

@frank_d I have USD as default currency and the extras is also in USD. please see the screenshot.

@misscrystal yes, the order timer adjusted as per the 4days but the order total didn’t calculate properly.

@All, I offered the order Extras many times and never faced such a weird issue, maybe because I offered order extras from the Fiverr andriod app? Don’t know!

And the worst thing is till yesterday, the support was saying to me that there is nothing wrong with my order but today, I got a reply from them they are looking into it.

I hope they fix my order total else I will lose the money! :frowning:

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Could it be that buyer had 15% discount code? (15% discount on $25 is $21.25 and with basic $5 is $26.25)


Really the screen should say if a discount code was applied (eg. “-x% discount”).

It’s probably worth contacting CS with a support ticket (though the buyer could also be asked if a discount code was applied) since it’s probably either a bug (since $5+$25 doesn’t equal $26.25) or not showing a discount code if one was applied when it really should (so sellers know and so the figures show as correct).


You are right about that, but for some reason, it doesn’t. I had same situation before with reduced amount and support said that everything was good. Discount wasn’t showing on order page tho, just reduced amount.

Same 15% on custom order

It might be that buyer got 15% off on next purchase, and next purchase was actually add on on order.


If the discount code applied, why the Fiverr is cutting that discount from seller’s cut? The discount code and the discount is offering by Fiverr not by me! so I think if it’s discount applied, Fiverr should bare it not me! :frowning:

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Yes, I agree with you, if buyer applied the discount code, it should show here in the order page but in my case its showing nothing.

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It’s strange to know and see weird figures in your order page too and I wonder that you accepted the answer of CS “Everything is good”. However, I would like to know how much you earned in that order? Did fiverr counted 80/20 ratio on $37.75 or on $40?

If you got 80% of $37.75 then, it is really sad to know because we are working hard for the orders and after that, what we are getting is like nothing.

our order page is like invoice for us, At least the invoice MUST show the all values including discount, hidden charges etc.

I think they will add the additional missing amount to your balance at some point. I think a long time ago I had something similar and after some time they added the missing amount.


Yes. I hope so. Finger crossed! :crossed_fingers:

I believe the $93 includes payment processing fees they have to pay?

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Like @misscrystal said, they add amount at end. I got full amount when order is completed. Total was $40 and I got $32

I believe discounts are applied right away, so you see that, and you will earn full amount at end.


It’s good to know that you got the full amount paid! I am having a delivery of this order in 1 day I hope I will get the full amount of this order!

@All, I got reply from CS that, they will reply me when they have update on this issue so still waiting for any good/positive reply from the support.