Order transfer feature!


Hello fiverr,

I have got a suggestion if it is added to the fiverr will impose great experience for Sellers.

this is ORDER TRANSFER feature.

What if a Seller is not in the position to implement the task which he has already got from the buyer. There may be many solid reasons for non implementation like the Seller may get busy with some important work. Or the task he got is out of his approach. Rather than cancellation the Seller might have his professional circle so he could transfer the foregoing task to the one he like or the one who deserve as he is assure that he can implement it in best way.

Please leave your comments in this regard. Thanks


Oh, I think this could be a very bad idea. There are already trust concerns when it comes to some sellers and their ability to complete an order professionally. If a buyer placed an order with a certain seller, they are expecting that seller to do the work. Transferring that buyer’s order to another seller – that the buyer does not know, or has not been able to research – only adds to the trust concerns.

Look at it this way, how would you feel if you went into your local McDonald’s and ordered a cheeseburger. After your order is placed, and as you wait for your cheeseburger to be made, one of the McDonald’s employees comes out and tells you that they can’t finish making your cheeseburger, so, they emailed your cheeseburger order to the really crappy, dirty, disgusting burger restaurant across town.

Someone you’ve never talked to, you’ve never seen, you don’t trust, and who might not even be caring about making the cheeseburger the way you asked at McDonald’s, is making your cheeseburger somewhere else. How would you feel? Would you want to go all the way across town for that dirty burger, or would you complain to the McDonald’s employee and insist that THEY make you another cheeseburger… because you ordered your cheeseburger from McDonald’s, and you expect McDonald’s to make and deliver exactly what you ordered?

Transferring a buyer’s order to another freelance seller to complete is a very bad idea for the buyer, and could seriously damage the first seller’s reputation and trustworthiness.


What about a Refer-a-Seller feature? Where, if a buyer contacts you before placing an order, you can refer them to another seller that has more competence in the said task.

I can understand its a risky procedure but there are times when some buyers mistake a seller for being good at something they don’t even offer. In relation to your fast food example…

Some time ago I went into a restaurant and ordered some onion rings. They said ‘sorry but we’re all out.’ A while after that I went to another restaurant, different chain, and ordered onion rings.

They said ‘sorry we’re out but give us a moment.’ A moment later they came back with onion rings. They may have been out but they still had options for obtaining said product.


Well, if the buyer is already contacting your before placing an order, you could easily just point him in the direction of another seller that might be able to better complete their request. You probably don’t need a dedicated feature that a written reply can’t already facilitate. :wink:


Dear Jonbaas,

         First of all thank you for giving time and commenting on this post. I am not here to urge or something but would like to clarify it in detail. About the cheeseburger shop if they tell you that this window is out of stock and could you please go to the next window where a different operator is performing his duty while being serving inside one building.

        My idea was about to keep Fiverr as a same building and if a Seller has got burden or work or he may face any other private affairs rather than vacations etc he will definitely transfer the order to someone competent as per his mind and he will not be in the mode to harsh his career or trust for being transferring the order to a newbie or lamer one.

       As we know that Fiverr is a trusted and vast marketplace and it was a suggestion for their developers to enlist this idea may be it can help people in trouble especially the Sellers who are getting series of orders.

Moreover it will also help the Sellers who are not getting orders for weeks so they can also get a chance to enjoy and sharpen their Fiverr experience.

Well Jonbaas, Thanks once again and I am sure you would like my reply. Thanks


Dear topaz_muse,

Please refer to the reply I posted on Jonbaas comment. Thanks


I agree with @jonbaas on this topic. I would definitely not be supportive of a transfer of orders. I agree that Fiverr is vast, but not trusted because Fiverr isn’t a company providing services - it’s a company providing a platform for independent contractors (sellers.) There are unfortunately many, many sellers on Fiverr that I would not trust with even a $5 order and I’m sorry to say that, but it’s true. I research sellers very carefully before I buy and would be furious to have an order transferred to another person. If a seller tells me they cannot complete my order and suggests a cancellation and a friend, I consider the information and appreciate the honesty of the seller even if I’m annoyed. I’ve had to cancel due to a family emergency and I had to do that with my own buyers.

Added to what was already said, transfers would be a really easy way to abuse the system. Someone might transfer an order to an second account on a proxy, to a spouse, or to a buddy even knowing that the other person can’t really do the work. False reviews could be built that way. Instead, if I had this issue on a regular basis, I would find someone to team up with and make my brand a team brand.

I have often had messages from buyers regarding orders that weren’t a great fit for what I do. Since I buy as well, if I’ve bought from someone who offers something closer, I often suggest those people via message which is easy to do. If I haven’t bought from someone but I know them personally, I’ll be honest with the buyer about that and recommend the person based on what I know While the referral idea isn’t bad, I think it would take more code than it’s worth when there are so many really important things that already need coding solutions on Fiverr.

All that said, I always think it’s great when people make suggestions to improve Fiverr whether I personally agree or not. I’m glad you posted an interesting topic for discussion and for Fiverr staff to see. Good luck out there!


The order transfer facility can be used as a backup system if the order is taken in rush or the Seller gets problem as I have mentioned above. Anyways its just a suggestion though.