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Order Under Revision - Does this effect somehow?!

Hi, we are interesting, when order is under the revision, does this affect somehow on the gig?! We mean, maybe lost ranking, gig impressions and etc. Thank you

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Nope, there will be no affect on your account or gig as long as you re-deliver within the order time period.

Thank you. So for example if order will be under the revision 1 month, it will not effect anything, right?

I’m not sure what you meant by “under the revision 1 month”. let me explain to you, if you get an order to be delivered within 3 days, and let say you deliver within 2 days. then the buyer is not satisfied with what they got from you and they make a revision request. so you will have another one day to make those requested changes and re-deliver. as long as you deliver within that day (without exceeding the order time, in this case 3 days as a whole) your account or gig will not have any affect. If you exceed those 3 days’ time, your on-time delivery percentage may reduce along with other hidden affects. I hope you understand. :slight_smile: :v:


We know that first deadline is nessaccary and we need to deliver on time the order. we think you understand our question wrong but anyway thank you.

I think that wont affect your gig !
I have had few experience and have alredy one order in revision from more than 180 days…client keep asking and adding more and more things in same and we both are used to it now…

but this has no affect on new inquiries and orders rate to my gig.

Yeap, thank you, I have asked this. 180 days?! really?! :smiley:

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yes :smiley:
and its still on sir :expressionless:

Stay strong :smiley: This is unbelievable

As long as there’s still time on the clock, you’re ok. If the order becomes late, you’re in trouble. So an order being in “revision” status has no impact on your account or stats - except it will push your average delivery time up; how much depends on how many other orders you have on your plate at the time.

I have deliver on time, but the time of revision it’s now wrote me 2 days “LATE”, as we know this is not impcat on our account but we have just post here to confirm this info

It the order is now marked as late, then yes, it will have an impact. If I get a revision request I can’t deliver on time I always ask the buyer for additional time, because if the order becomes late while in revision, that still counts as a late delivery.

That’s also the reason why I always try to deliver my orders with as much time to spare on the clock as possible - to allow for time to perform revisions when needed.

I think you have not correct info. When you are delivering first on time, if revision time will delay it will not effect your statistic, BUT our question was if this will effect if the order will be under the revision for example 1 month

I am not sure if it affects !
I have had a few experience where I had to wait for client’s reply and they place revision after 1-2 days and add more things and larger revision, just like creating whole thing new…
and I usually do that, and client don’t mark order complete because its obviously need to be worked.

but I personally never feel that its affect my gig impression or order rate ever.

No the only thing that affects your account is if is delivered on time. It can be in revision or as long as “you want” - no problem.

For example, we have made few revisions last time and we have made revisions 10 days(but time to time made a re-deliver of course). Anyway, we hope this kind of revisions deadlines does not effect on gig

Yes, This is our question. Thank you

In short, it doesn’t affect.

All you have to do is deliver on time. Once an order is delivered on time, it can not affect your gig or account. It doesn’t matter how long you take to revise the video as long as you are being reasonable. The “LATE” message it shows on dashboard doesn’t do anything.

If you are working with your client and there is no dispute, you don’t have anything to worry about.

I have had some clients who take really long to get back and while waiting, I kept their orders in “revision” status for a couple of weeks. I kept an order in “revision” for 2-3 months over some dispute with one of my client. It didn’t affect my account or gig at all.

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