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Order updates going missing


Has anyone else had issues with order updates going missing?

Twice in the past month a buyer has sent me an order update - they can see it on their end that it’s posted, but I don’t see it on my end. This caused a lot of problems when a buyer said they were sending me a script for a voiceover (which they had), but I thought they hadn’t gotten around to it yet since I couldn’t see any updates. Luckily I contacted the buyer and they resent the information and it came through the second time.

Has this happened to anyone else, and any ideas on why this happens?




I’ve had problems with messages not showing up. So far I’ve had two potential buyers (one turned into a buyer) ask questions and then I’ve messaged them back only to realise that it didn’t send through. I don’t know if they saw the initial message but I didn’t so had to send it again.