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Order very late

My order say’s that the order is “very late” and the seller said they will try to deliver soon.

If I wait a few more days for them to deliver (I’m guessing they are backed up with orders) will the cancel order button still be there? I don’t want to wait too long to receive my order.

If you wait 3 days the gig will cancel by itself and leave negative feedback.

hey I do not know how long you have waited for but if it has only been a few days give him a little time. us sellers have little controll over order flow and have rude and difficult customers on a regular basis that take up so much more time then estimated. not to mention that will also give him an automatic thumbs down. but if he delivers and its subpar or hes rude or very late means more than a few days then ya cancel it.

Thanks Matt for letting me know this. Yea i do know about the rating so I will wait.

Yup. After the order runs late, if there’s been no resolution. (Someone completing or cancelling) the gig auto-updates and leaves negative feedback. You can usually tell these gigs because the negative feedback is: " Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time ".

I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve had it happen 3 times over the last 2 years. The first time, I got angry (Because I’d talked to the buyer about it) and messaged the buyer. He said he didn’t do anything. So I contacted CS and they told me that it happens automatically. Since then it’s happened twice and both times CS removed the negative rating.

Not that this information will help now, but I have basically spent all my earned funds to buy gifts for Christmas and when I was going to purchase I checked how busy they appeared to be as well as contacted them before buying the gig. Some sellers are ok with doing examples or even a final project before you buy (though they will put something over it so it cannot be used properly until actually bought). I managed to do this for a few of the items I bought and it works better because if someone is backed up and it takes them more days then their gig is for then you don’t have to worry and you know exactly what you are buying before you buy it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if people are amazingly busy this time of year especially gigs directed toward the holidays.

That’s something new on me that the gig will auto cancel, I have had sellers go two weeks before delivering with no problem. Are you sure the buyer didn’t just cancel and tell you something different ?

Yup. I’m sure. Like I said. This came right from the Horses mouth. (Fiverr I mean).

I don’t claim to know all the details about everything. For all I know, it may depend on the delivery time you have for your gig. If you have 3 days delivery time, or a week… maybe that changes the auto-cancel time. Who knows really. (My gig is 24 hours)

I just know what Fiverr said. I’ve also seen the same feedback left on other peoples gigs. Same wording. Same everything.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Hmmm…the “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time.” is also generated by orders cancelled long after they turned late (like kjblynx describes). I didn’t know there was any other way. I had a seller go late for 6 days and it never “auto cancelled”. Hmmm…

It will automatically be cancelled if he does not deliver in 3 days.

See this then you will never need to cancel.

I am cancel my order because is very very late can’t wait no more

I’ve had orders go late by weeks, and not cancel automatically. There’s one I’m not sure of, but the seller was no longer active on Fiverr as of the day the gig cancelled. I didn’t cancel it, but I don’t know for sure if the seller did, or CS did, or it happened automatically when the seller’s account went dormant.

I’ve had orders run late (with the permission of customers) and they have never auto cancelled. Customer has to cancel order (I’ve done this with sellers I’ve purchased from who were late) and then they get that auto rating. So yes you get an auto RATING if cancelled 24 hours after the actual time they were supposed to be delivered. But no gigs don’t cancel out automatically. I’ve had one run for 30+ days longer than it was supposed to for example for a HUGE order. No cancellations, no bad feedback. Had the customer cancelled the order however, I would have got that auto feedback. All I can think of in the case of @bigbadbilly is that it may have had something to do with the 24 hour delivery time.

Thanks for this. What if I initiate a mutual cancellation after an order is very late?

Cancel it now! Write to customer support and tell them you want to cancel because it’s very late. No reason ever for any order to go very late. Give up on it.