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Order 'very late'

My order is in progress but won’t be delivered within the original timescales when the order was created.

This is fine with the buyer as he has extended the length of the project (it’s a big project) but now my order status is ‘very late’.

As a seller, how can I extend the delivery time?


It’s quite late for that already and your “delivered on time” stats will be affected anyway but you can go to resolution center and request time extension.


I’ve extended orders after they are overdue without my stats going down. I’m not sure if that is still the case when it’s very late though

When did you do that?

That’s good news if they finally fixed this!

I’ve done it a couple times this year.

And I feel pretty confident they weren’t officially late then because both times were during slow order weeks so I was really keeping an eye on my stats.

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