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Hi , I am new to Fiverr community. Today 1 seller approached me via message asking for an 3 months work. Is it safe to commit the work without creating an offer. Please give valuable suggestions & advice.


Hi! You cannot do any work in the messaging section! It is not allowed and is totally unsafe! Make out an order! If the buyer doesn’t want to commit for 3 months, offer a monthly order first. I do monthly lessons, but sometimes I prefer to make weekly lessons, especially if the buyer is new.

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No. Actually this would be the dumbest way.

He is trying to scam you.


This is like asking if its safe to use a plugged in kettle as a hand warmer.

Ignore this buyer. They have no interest in doing anything but bleeding you dry for as much free work as they an get.

without creating offer fully unsafe

Thanks for your info. :+1:

Thanks for your info. :+1:

Be patience and respectful to buyer. If Buyer want your sample work or portfolio in inbox, you should provide. Never provide the task in inbox. If buyer like your work then ask him to make an Order. This is how fiverr is working!

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