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Order visible in my email, but not in my account


I don’t know if this is the best place to ask such a question, or if there is a way to contact the people at fiverr, but I’ll try it here for now.

I’ve received a couple of orders from Fiverr that appeared in my email, but nowhere can I find the post in my messages or notifications in my Fiverr account. You can’t respond to the emails, because they are “noreply” emails. I end up unable to find the person, and thus possibly miss an order. The orders look legitimate, because they are very detailed and specific. Is there some way of finding these, or is it that the person deleted it before I was able to see it?

Thanks for any help,

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Fiverr support can be reached CS at

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This sounds like the glitch I’m experiencing as well. I get notified of an order via email but the app is empty aside from showing a 1 beside active orders. Your best bet is to contact support. The more people who contact them about this issue, the faster it’ll get resolved.

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Does the issue persist even if you use the Desktop/Browser version of Fiverr?


I’m not OP, but the web version works fine on my end. On the buyer’s end, it doesn’t. My last buyer had to contact support to retrieve my delivery because he couldn’t find it on the app or the website. Really frustrating when a buyer not being able to accept a delivery normally due to a bug means I miss out on potential reviews.

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