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Order was cancelled after 10days of completion

I woke up this morning only to notice that my order was cancelled after 10days of completion. I had no issues with the buyer while working on his project. He even gave me a 5 star positive review and was very satisfied with the integrations i did for him on his website. I’m just so worried about the cancellation. I would like to know why my order was cancelled after 10 days of completion. I really need an urgent response to this because all my efforts has been put to waste. Just lost 24usd equivalent 8,656.06 naira and that’s a very big lost to me.
I will really appreciate it if i get a positive feed back pertaining to this issues.

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This was the message I got:

Hi praiz_dale,

Your order with sneakermook was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.

The funds from this order were automatically returned to the buyer.

The Fiverr Team

Judging by the fact that your buyer doesn’t seem to have a Fiverr account any more, I’d guess it was a PayPal chargeback.

Reply to Fiverr CS and see if they can help you.

Sorry - the explanation as to how it’s happened doesn’t make it any fairer. :frowning_face:


I thought as much. I’ve sent a complain to Fiverr CS but I haven’t gotten any reply from them yet. My completed order rating even dropped from 100% to 62%. Just wish this could be rectified ASAP

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CS replies within 24-48 hours (as they stated in the email that they sent to you after you created the ticket)

Just be patient, they will come back to you with answer within that timeline.