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Order was cancelled . payment refunded after that a negative review is given by buyer .? [RESOLVED]

Hi i one my great buyer on fiverr . i have completed . almost her 13 orders here . so this time i was late due to some reason . she cancelled the order payment has been refunded into her account but then what i got it " a negative feedback . your order is late . " with buyer name when i contacted that buyer . she said it was not her intention she just cancel the order nothing else . she does not even post a review . its my fiverr system post the review . itself .my buyer is full support of me . she want to change the review but fiverr does not put any option to edit the review but showed that review from buyer account .

she said i have no option to change the review . i give any other solution is " i have said please write a big clear message that you want to edit the review and did not want this negative reivew and want a postive review … she even posted and contacted fiverr on my behaf… she also posted a ticket she wrote three message in which she clear the fiverr that she want to remove that negative review on my profile which never posted because she just cancelled that order .

what is this by fiverr ?? why fiver force the seller to do every work . its mean cancellation of order also add a negative review by fiver fiver also give me a option that i should rate that buyer how can i rate . we not had work order is cancelled what is this … ???

its mean if someone cancell the order … fiverr will rate both side what is this is any other person face this thats is not good i am very sad :frowning: :frowning: but the good thing is my buyer is in my support she posted ticket i also posted ticket .

i even attached her proofs . also …

what is this : is this a system fault please any tRS answer clearly about this … i am in tension thank you



Hello, All you would need to do is have that buyer agree to have the feedback removed in an inbox message and then you can open a ticket with customer support to have it removed (buyer agreeing to it in a written message is a must) hope this helps.

very worried to learn this. I think there might be add any option Fiverr to canceling any order.

Don’t panic guys, it’s something normal that happens quite often. It happens, it could be worse than this. Keep calm don’t spam CS they will reply when they can, and if things are like you say they are, it will be solved in no time.

No one is spaam… Everything will be gona solve thank you for help . today i got a postive review of from the same buyer


I’m happy to help. Best wishes.


This is YOUR fault. You need to communicate to your buyers and not let orders go that late. You created your own dilemma and are fortunate to have that happen with a repeat client as if it were anyone else you would be stuck with it, and rightfully so.
You say, “late for some reason”. You know the reason and that’s a weak cop out. You are completely responsible for delivering work on time. When you order a pizza and it doesn’t show up at all, wouldn’t you cancel the order and want your money back? Fiverr’s automated system is to benefit buyers who don’t get their work when the seller said so.
Stay up on your orders and quit blaming Fiverr. You are lucky they will work with you and help, but there won’t be 2nd chances for that I promise you.


Hello @pintoo0. It looks like you have made a comment in someone else’s thread about your own dilemma as well as starting this thread. I am glad you got it resolved but when you have an issue for the forum, you need to try to keep it to one post and place it in a category that is intended for this type of discussion.

I realize that many people post in Tips for Sellers because it is the first view and they are in a panic, but then the category becomes more difficult to use. This post could have fit in more than one place (Like Fiverr FAQ as a question or Conversations since it’s a discussion about late cancellations) but it really isn’t a tip for all sellers and it’s been addressed in the forums many times. I will edit the post and move it to Conversations for now.

Reply to @radugeorgescu: yes you are saying right . i told you my buyer is with me 200 percent . my buyer generate a ticket to support staff regarding this issue . and my buyer wants my review should be remove thats why she want to remove the feedback . she also wrote three messages . regarding this in my inbox i have send another ticket . in which i mentiioned my buyer ticket to m 200 percent sure fiverr will remove this … will update everybody here .

Reply to @dtongsports: Hay !!! What happend Bro ? First of all i am not blaming anyone . i am here to learn about different things and want to share something with other users. I am not blaming to and never think of doing that . First i want to clear this . Second You are absolutely saying Right . i 200 percent agree with you . When i done search on it i got it this rule is from years by but i did not know about that because i never any order this was my first case brother . my Order completion percentage was 100% but now it is 99% so i wana just ask these things from TRS because i read other posts of TRS . All TRS have almost complete knowledge of fiverr policies and rules . so it does not mean i am blaming if i am asking something here on this forum .

I agree on what you said . Thank you for answering . but it seems like you are angry at me …

once again thank you for letting me know about the mistake i have done first time here on fiver from last 2 years . We all do mistakes .you me and others so i am learning from my mistakes …

Have a nice day . My problem is solved Review is removed .

Reply to @fonthaunt: Hi i just thread here . and i am new on fiverr forum so i just start posting from some days so learning about forums and other things so thank you for letting me know . You are saying right next time i will wrote these things in specific categories thank you