Order was delivered, buyer requested for a cancellation. I smell a rat


I’m a new seller on fiverr and I got my first oder yesterday. The buyer asked me to redesign a powerpoint presentation for her and she sent me some content and requested for my WhatsApp contact so that she can send the images which she claimed she could not upload to fiverr. I told her that it is against fiverr policy for me to communicate with buyers outside the platform. I gave her a one drive link to upload the files but she didn’t do that. I delivered an awesome presentation to her some hours ago and asked her if she had any corrections to make. She said I should cancel the order since the images cant be uploaded. I smell a rat. I put in a lot of work into this. What should I do?


You do have a problem buyer there and to make it worse she is your first client.
You probably will have to give in and cancel the order to not get a bad review. I’m so sorry this happened to you!

If you don’t cancel it she may give a one star review. I don’t usually say to sellers to cancel, but it looks like she chose you to do this to.

You can try telling her you will have to report her to customer service for trying to contact you off fiverr if you want to put in the time and stress.

You can tell her the issue with the pictures has nothing to do with what you did on her job.


Sounds very suspicious. I would report it to support.


Tell her/him to upload the images wherever she/he can and send you the links. I’ve seen people to the opposite thing — send me weird .zips, .rars and links without even me asking. So I guess people on both sides of the coin here.


I told him to upload the pictures to a drive and send me the links which he did. He sent over 80 slides and I told him I couldn’t do al that for $10. I used the resolution center to request for extra pay for the additional work which was out of scope of the initial order but He refused to respond to this. I requested for a cancellation of order when the issue was dragging for days. The guy declined the cancel request. And replied me saying I did a very good job for him and he will not want to repay me by accepting the cancellation request. So he confirmed delivery and gave me all five stars. He should be ordering some extra gigs for another work. Thanks for your help everyone.


You will find many buyers here like the one you mentioned. This one thankfully sorted out for you. Learn from this and beware.


I have learnt from this


Cancel the order instead of getting a bad review , my belief is that if you get a bad review against your profile in early stages of profile development your business will suffer probably high chances of getting no orders at all.

What you got to do , let it cancel , cancellation rate becomes zero when you cross 60 days from the date of cancellation , so you will be good to go.


I got one like this, the second one I’ve ever had.
She won’t get a refund. This woman has two accounts she keeps messaging me from. She can’t spell her first name the same way twice.

As soon as I delivered she said I want a refund. I hope she is reading this.

Oh and her name on her new account begins with “Miss” like mine does.