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Order will be late, shall I cancel?

Ok so I’m having a problem with a buyer. He ordered my typography logo gig, he specified the dimensions the logo should have and I said I would do it to his specifications.

Yesterday I delivered the gig, but as I had done a few different versions I sent him a preview of those and very clearly said they were previews and he just had to pick the one he’d prefer and I would send him the files straight away.

This morning I woke up to the files having been rejected and an angry message from the buyer saying the logos didn’t fit the dimensions he wanted. He either didn’t read or misunderstood my message.

Then he also said that he wanted a graphic added. Now, I think on my gig description is clearly enough stated that I don’t do any marks or illustrations and use only type. So I was a bit surprised by this.

I messaged him addressing both of these issues and asking if he would like me to send one of the type logos I had done, or if he would prefer to cancel. That was this morning and I still haven’t heard back.

The order will be late within an hour or so. I don’t want to have an order go late as I think that my damage my rating, but I’m not sure on what to do! I think he might even give me a bad review as he seemed quite upset. And it’s obviously not my fault as he failed to see the gig description and misread my message regarding the previews!

Does anyone have any advice?

EDIT: Thanks for all your help. I ended up sending the final files of the 3 versions to the buyer before the deadline. The buyer was all cool about it and left me a positive review. :slight_smile:

If he has rejected the order (i.e. you sent then it was rejected) then he can’t cancel for late delivery.

Reply to @ryangillam: Thanks for your reply. I understand that, but won’t a late order affect my rating?

I don’t believe it will affect your rating since it is due to a modification request. I get buyers like this all the time. I’m very firm about what I do and don’t do. If all else fails, contact customer support for help.

Reply to @jtengle: Great to know! Thank you so much once again jtengle, you’ve been super helpful. :slight_smile:

Despite what the main page says, late deliveries will only affect your rating if cancelled otherwise the system has no way of recording them.