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Order without Consultation

I am feeling insecure. One of the buyer ordered my gig without any prior consultation.

Eventually he is not online for last 10hr.
What should I do? I have 12 hour left.
Anyone can suggest anything?

Buyers don’t need your permission before they purchase. You can ask them to contact you before they order, but they don’t have to.

Have you got a ‘mandatory requirement’ set up so that your buyer needs to give you some sort of info before the order, and the clock, actually starts?

All you can do is to ask for a time extension from the resolution part of the order page. Hope it works out for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would take it as a learning experience.
Increase your delivery times for standard orders and you can give shorter time frames in custom offers when the buyer has talked to you and given you all the info.

I don’t know what the order was, but it seems you’re a WP developer.
24h delivery time rarely works, even when you have the accesses and info. You never know what kind of roadblocks from the host or WP settings you’ll come across.

You can even mention it in your gig description that if a buyer needs fast delivery then they should talk to your first and then you will give a custom offer.


no there was no mandatory requirement…
I got that at midnight man :frowning:

Maybe add one or two to your requirements for the future? They really do help. :slightly_smiling_face:


but now???
What can be ddone

All you can do for this order is cancel it, or ask for a time extension - those are the only options I can see.

If i cancel the order will there be any effect on my profile ?

but i fearing one thing if the buyer never comes online…:frowning:

Yes - all cancellations affect your rating.

You need to sort this for the future so the chances of it happening again are minimised - have a good read of what @uxreview suggested and get your mandatory requirements sorted.


Thanks for your co operation

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