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Order without enough information marked as late

A buyer recently without conatcting order my gig and without even single info he just wrote few things about the order. On contacting he said I will send all info in 24 hours and since it has been 7 days and the delivery time approached.

Now due to fiverr TOS I can’t deliver otherwise user knows he gave me no info to start. Now he is not online from last 2 days and order has been marked Late.

I did open dispute to increase time but is it fair that order is marked late?

Wait for It because he will give you the detail as soon goes online when send the detail the start working and deliver it. I have faced some problem with my friend as you, the delivery time is 3 day but they gave the info at the last day then my friend did it at the last day.

note: If you put " Before placing your order first contact me." some thing like that in your gig.

Almost everyone contacts and my issue currently is why order is showing late? I guess it should not because I open the request to extend delivery time!

For that contact the support You can’t extend the time without the client.

I did contact but they are not even replying and I am worried order might get cancelled and I will get negative review that too for none of my fault

You need leave message for client when they get online and will replay you. How much time remaining is?

As far as I know (from experience of a seller not delivering a gig I bought), the order wouldn’t automatically complete at all unless the buyer takes the option he or she gets to cancel one-sided once the order is in “very late” status.
Only then, you’d get the automated 1* review, if the buyer does nothing, the order just gets later and later.

I got a notification from Fiverr when that happened that told me they noticed my order has gone late (I believe that was a few days after the due date) and that they recommend to contact the seller.

I did that, the seller never replied, so after waiting another few days, I finally took the one-sided cancel option to get my money back. The automatic 1* review just happens then, there’s actually nothing you can do against it as the buyer, even if you wanted to.

that need to improve.
try to get enough information before order this way,you can ensure if you can do this order well too