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Order without instruction and information, what to do?

Hello Everyone,
Hope this message finds You well.
I have an order on procces, but the Buyer didn’t sent me instructions. He requires me to send mail in his bussines site in order to send me documents and information.
I wrote to Buyer that i cannot send personal information and communication should be done only in Fiverr. Buyer isn’t online and I have no response from him, meanwhile time is running out!
As I have read and learned from courses also, Seller doesn’t share personal information with Buyers.
Please send me further informations and your suggestions in regard to my issue. What to do in this case?
Thank you in advance,

Contact Customer Support and tell them the buyer didn’t provide you with any information and is trying to make you break fiverr’s Terms of Service. Ask them to cancel the order for you, block the buyer after it’s done.

In cases like this, there is a chance that your completion rate won’t be affected.


You can wait more and contaact always buyer or fiverr customer support.

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Thank you a lot for your suggestion @lenasemenkova

There is also Resolution Center when the order is in procces. Can I use it, to write my concern?

Thank you for your answer @designlover99
I am waiting for Buyer response but I have no answer yet. How much should I wait, because time is running out!

You should contact customer support and ask them to cancel the order from their end. It won’t hurt your future sales.

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No. Using Resolution Center would require the buyer to respond. If the buyer is ignoring you, there is no point in using it.

Contact CS support directly.

It’s at the bottom of the page on the site. Support - Help and Support - Seller Help Center - Contact Us - Order Issues - I want to cancel my order


But in Help and Support-I’m a seller-Fiverr Orders and Buyers-cancellations- How do I cancel an incoming order? (It says: if youbhave an issue with an order, youbcan use Resolution Center to assist you. We recommend using RC tonwork things out with your buyer before contacting CS.) @lenasemenkova

Can I try both, to write to RC and CS also? @lenasemenkova

You can do whatever you want, it just won’t work.

They are telling you to use Resolution Center because they don’t want you to bother the CS operator with a trivial issue.

What you can do through Resolution Center is to ask YOUR BUYER to either extend the delivery time or to cancel the order. Since YOUR BUYER is ignoring your messages anyway, they will most likely ignore your Resolution Center requests as well. The time will run out, you will get a cancelation that will 100% affect you due to the late delivery and a 1* rating people get for late deliveries.

If you contact the Customer Support, they will cancel your order for you before the time runs out (if you’re quick enough with sending the request) and there is a chance that the cancellation won’t affect your stats since the buyer tries to make you break the ToS.


As has already been pointed out by @lenasemenkova, there’s no point in using the RC, considering your buyer is not really responding.

The best solution is to raise a support ticket with Fiverr’s Customer Support and clearly mention that:

Don’t panic/worry. Just follow the advice given, and you will be okay. :slight_smile:


Should i input Order no that one with 14 digits that is shown in top of the order for that Buyer, because I have another order ongoing. @lenasemenkova. Should I put also name of Buyer?

Contact With customer service
otherwise you need to wait
and remember your order will autometic complete after 3 days

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You should put in the number of the order you want them to cancel for you. And explain why do you want them to cancel it.

You don’t need to put in the name of the buyer.

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I already sent my request, but I am a little concerned. Buyer just wrote me and consists to have my mail and is explaining that his data is sensitive, and he has platform to work through ■■■■■ , what’s up, mail etc…
I think I have done the right thing taking in consideration your suggestions.
One other thing, CS will give me solution before order is ending, because I have only 17hours to deliver order?
Thank you again @lenasemenkova
Since Buyer responds me, can I ask him to cancel the order, even though I sent request to Customer Service?

Thank you @get_top_rank

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Thank you for your answer @badhon290

Thank you @hanshuber16

@hanshuber16 @badhon290 @lenasemenkova @get_top_rank @designlover99
I wrote to Customer Service and waiting for their response. But I have only 11hours remaining!
What to do. Please waiting for your suggestions.
Thank you