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Order without knock


I wake up in the morning and saw an order, I tried to contact him but he is not online. He gave me username and password but not working, I’m not taking any order cause I’m going to abroad for a few days. He gave me order but not talk to me before order. My completion rate already 92% only for this kind of order. What can I do now? Please advise me, thanks.

**I complete that work with 5 rating, she is very nice lady.


Because you are not taking orders now you need to ask customer support to cancel the order. Then go on vacation mode.


but it effects my order complete rate and I loose my level!!!


Then do the job and deliver it on time.


I think all buyers should contact the seller first, I totally feel you. In this situation,open a dispute for further info and complete the order.


You can’t force buyers to contact you before placing an order. If you’re not accepting orders, you should have turned vacation mode on.

Right now, you can either cancel the order, or you can try to get the necessary info to complete it.


@coolwebdevelop I also got 2 order few day ago without knock in Express delivery mode…:neutral_face:


For the future, allow yourself time for completion, set the gig to 5 days, 7 days etc.
You can also set mandatory fields the client need to fill in when you create/edit a gig!


You responded to the wrong person. :slight_smile: