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Order without me knowing

Hello everybody,

I am quite new to this and I do not understand how can someone order a gig which would start a countdown without me knowing.


Part of Fiverr’s sales model is based on the idea that a buyer can see the delivery time on the gig and expect delivery by that time no matter when they order. So, the moment they order, the timer starts. Some sellers like that, some don’t, but for now that’s how it works for everyone.

When you set your delivery time on a gig, you need to allow for enough time to fill the gig even if the order comes in while you are sleeping or away from the computer. Some people monitor orders on mobile and can handle a 24 hour delivery time. I’m not one of them. Some people need 2-3 days, others longer. It’s up to you, but plan for that clock to tick just as soon as a buyer orders.

Edit: One thing a lot of new people also miss is how important it is in the early stages to set your time so you can delivery a little early when possible. If you can deliver in advance and then your buyer clicks to request a modification the clock restarts. With planning, you can quickly do the edits (or plan to cancel) early and redeliver before the timer runs out. This is more critical in your first sales since a late delivery, a cancellation or a slightly lowered review impacts you more when you have fewer sales on record.