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Order without ratings :(

It’s really disappointing that Fiverr doesn’t show an order without rating as a completed project on a freelancer’s profile. I think this system should be updated.


That happens 40% of the time. Half of the buyers doesn’t care about reviewing or anything. Sometimes It’s better for some people doesn’t get reviewed. I got really satisfied client who rated me 4.5 which is in his standart it was good. Just like there is some highschool teachers never put 100% on grade.


I totally agree. But the thing I want to say is there should be a section on the freelancer’s profiles that will show the total number of orders ( with or without review) s/he has completed so far. Current system of the total review number on the profile should be changed. Because It reflects the freelancer’s efforts partially.

That’s true. But people can take that non reviewed jobs as a failure or didn’t worth reviewing. if I was visiting fiverr first time and someone got 100 reviews but had 300 orders. I may think 200 people didn’t satisfied in his works.


@Gongor32 makes a good point here.

You can always brag on yourself in your gig text, if you wanted…e.g. - “I’ve completed more than X projects for my satisfied clients, and I can’t wait to make you the next one!”


Yeah it’s Sucks but it’s what it is

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same here :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

I think it depends on your audience. I’ve delivered 14 orders so far and only one of them didn’t rate my order.(And I’m not bitter about it, not even a little bit.)

Happens a lot of times, Fiverr should have this option to show completed orders and review both.

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I am not mad if any client doesn’t give a review. I am mad because fiverr doesn’t count an order without a review. This is not fair.


fiverr should give review without getting star

Exactly, this is what I am trying to say.

According to my experience as a Top Rated seller. Some buyers are in hurry and they have no time to review us. The point is they are satisfied and return after different internals.

Moreover, You can share these types of words to your seller for recommendations:
"Your satisfaction with our work is a top priority. If there are any issues or changes in the video, please contact me directly and I will address it ASAP.

If you are satisfied, please consider providing us feedback on this order. Your recommendation for us in the community, help us continue providing quality work to buyers like you."


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No, you cannot do that. You cannot hint at a review at all. It is a wonder you have lasted this long without getting a warning.

See this thread:


I think also. Fiverr can make a option that will show how many order completed a seller.
it will be great. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I agree with you.
We are not allowed to discuss about rating with buyers. It is another disappointing points.

this is sad actually :frowning: