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Order without Requirements!

It’s June 15; I got notified that a buyer placed an order at my Online Course Development gig. But he (or she. Don’t know actually) didn’t complete the requirement section. Consequently, the order remains incomplete. After several attempts, I managed to get the buyer’s reply and came to know that he has no curriculum, and that is why he skipped from my requirement section, where I demanded the course curriculum. I assured him not to worry, as I have another gig on curriculum and he need not wander anywhere else for the curriculum. Everything was fine, the buyer shared his planning with me (inbox) and asked me to make the curriculum first and then we will proceed to the course contents (He did not place another order as both the gig cost same price). I do admit; I didn’t make the pending order run (My mistake). 3 days later, I have sent him the course curriculum and asked him to notify me if any revision needed. He assured me that he would be back discussing with his partner. It’s been more than a week, no feedback from him yet. And my concern is that the order is still active on my dashboard, but the status is incomplete. How can I get rid of this situation? Should I contact support? Or keep as it is?

As I am on the way to get promoted as level 1 seller this 15th, I am afraid of taking any risk.


It’s not the end of the world if you have to wait a month or two to be promoted.

That said, you did deliver using the “Deliver Now” option, correct?

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No, the ORDER NOT STARTED due to incomplete requirements. I did send him the curriculum inbox. I know. it was my mistake. Should I keep the order as it is?

You can go into the order, click on the “I have everything I need” button and then the timer will run, then you can deliver the file again and the buyer has the chance to review it.


Thanks for the suggestion. But I am afraid of his any bad review. As I have sent him the file more than 10 days ago. He, didn’t yet give me any feedback

He can’t actually give you feedback because he can’t even accept the order because it didn’t start yet.
You did deliver in time, there is no reason for a bad review.

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Yes. But he is not replying my message. If I run the order without his consent and deliver the same product I have sent him in inbox. then there is a chance of bad review I guess

Maybe I am just tired but


You already delivered the work. He did not pay you yet for work you have finished. If anything, he is probably not responding because now he got his work done for free. You need to start this order or cancel it and not get paid for the work you have delivered already.

If anything, the buyer is using your work without your consent right now.


Got your point. I think I should take a decision then. Thanks for your cooperation

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