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Order Woes

Have you ever received an order that was peculiar but still possible, and yet in the end, were unable to please a buyer? I don’t want to say it’s the buyer’s fault, but I don’t want to say it’s mine, either. I’ve spent hours upon hours perfecting the order, changing details repeatedly to match what the buyer asked for, and yet I was most recently told that it was not at all up to expectations. Seeing that message was so demoralizing… I like to think I am just a teeny bit talented at what I do, and I love the experience that Fiverr gives me. But it feels like I’m unable to fulfill what this buyer is looking for, and I feel I may have a similar issue with another buyer, too. If you know any great tips to achieving what the buyer wants on the first try, I would like to know, but I would also just like to know that I’m not alone with this feeling… I’m not the only stressed-out seller, right?

Cancel the order. I know it will hurt your ranking, but buyers like these are never happy. I just got done dealing with a buyer who refused to order the # of gigs necessary for the work she wanted done. I did the work anyway to be nice. From day she complained and nitpicked everything. I plugged through, but flat out told this person that what she wanted was not possible and made suggestions. Didn’t matter. She wanted what she wanted, So I did it and when she exhausted the number of allowed changes, I delivered the files. Then she complained about hte delivery insisting that none of it was as she wanted, though I made every requested change. Then she complained that it wasn’t formatted properly, but I know that all the files were because I test each one before delivery. This isn’t the first time I have had dealings with this person. She has always been problematic, but we had been able to work it out in the past, with me bending over backwards to please her.

Anyway, I made another series of changes for this person and redelivered the file, but again she sent me three complaints and then a cancellation request, saying that she had never been satisfied with my work, even the previous projects I had done for her in hte past. That’s when I realized who this person is: a stammer. A buyer who wants a lot of work done for them, but don’t want to pay for it. I was forced to cancel this last order from this person even though that means that she gets the work I did and I don’t get paid.

Anyway, moral of the story, if you have a suspicious buyer, or one who constantly complains, just cancel the order and don’t deliver the work. I know it hurts you ranking as a seller, but people like this aren’t worth the effort. I am adopting a new policy of dealing with buyers who complain all the time and am making a list of problematic buyers so that I can avoid them in the future.