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Order yet not started and buyer wants to cacel?


I am trying to stop him but can order be cancelled without increasing the cancel rate as order has yet not even started


No you can’t cancel an order that hasn’t started. If you need to cancel after it starts don’t worry about it.


A buyer has made an order but the order has not started yet and I don’t want to do that task. What will be happened to this order? Does this affect my cancellation rate?


Though order has yet not started but now you can’t do anything about it because even if buyer doesn’t fill requirements for order to start it will remain always and one day you might get bored to see it and you have to cancel it.

However if he starts the order you can cancel and yes it will affect cancel rate but only after its cancelled.

However now if user does not full fill requirement and order doesn’t start then it will not add in your cancel rate until you cancel it


Thanks for your reply.


Did you raise the price after the order is done?


Its 4 month old post I don’t quite remember! But there are 2 things either do job in the price given to stop the cancel rate and other things or cancel it if you think its not worth doing. However if price is low ask the buyer politely that its difficult task and will take a little more amount many a times they agree to raise price and if not then you can either cancel or do the work in amount offered