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Order your own Gig and give 5 start ratings 😎

Howdy, Everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic day :sun_with_face:

I want to know one thing: Do Fiverr have a system to detect if a person is buying his/her own gig and giving 5-star ratings?

I know it’s against Fiverr ToS but I see that there are a lot of sellers that have fake profiles and fake reviews.


How do you know the reviews are fake? And no, you cannot order your own gig.


Try it and report your finding here.


Becuase the person suggested others do that.

Mod Note: Video removed

*the video is in the Hindi language, but he mentioned that ordering your own gig and giving 5-star rating will build trust and leads to more orders.


I think Not! Most of what you see is just an illusion and most of what you hear is not the truth.


How do you know this?


We have people every day who did this and are now banned, coming to the forum begging for help. They are desperate to get their gigs back and are lost mentally and spiritually.

These are some very pathetic individuals. If only they could somehow understand that they are only fooling themselves by doing this.

Success on fiverr comes only one way: doing something you are good at, and only having one account.


You need to tread carefully


I was looking on YouTube for 'how to get more orders on Fiverr’
and a guy with 20k subs suggested ordering your own gig and leaving a 5-star rating to get trust.

and he shared his profile link in his video and totally claim that he ordered his own gig and left a 5-star rating.


Contact customer support and make sure to include that YT link. (If that account is still active). Who knows that user might not be on Fiverr anymore.


how is he going to report his findings if he is banned…

True… lol. Didn’t think of that.

Yea, Sure! I should definitely try out this method. I am just kidding :joy::man_facepalming:

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Ask yourself a simple question. Would anyone with half a brain share their own profile on youtube and tell people to order their own gig, knowing fiverr will see it… seriously. Either the person in question is not telling the truth and is trying to get people banned or is so stupid they are going to get banned as well. Now ask yourself. Would you believe someone like that.


This is correct :point_up:

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When new to me forum posters post on the forum, I go to look at their profile page. Hmmm, some have reviews where the picture of the reviewer aka buyer looks suspiciously like the seller!? :two_men_holding_hands: :two_women_holding_hands:


Is it possible to cheat?

Of course it is. It’s always possible to cheat.

And then the cheater gets caught, and we get to read about how they’re feeding their families of 200, how poor they are, how desperate they are, we get to know about their bad health and that they can’t stop crying, Fiverr is their only source of income, isn’t anyone going to help them… Sometimes they get caught fast. Sometimes they invest years of effort before they get caught, and how can Fiverr ban them after they’ve invested years of effort into their account, that’s not fair, there are others still doing it and thriving, why doesn’t Fiverr ban them too, it’s so not fair, the rules should be same for all and if one person gets away with robbing a bank everyone should be allowed to rob banks…



My particular favourite is when they get caught out, they make a list of all the other sellers offering similar gigs, send that to CS and then moan when CS doesn’t do anything about it.

Nothing like throwing your rivals under the bus! :slightly_smiling_face:


You changed your profile picture and I looked at it and not your name. So I was wondering who this new guy is? :question::joy: But it is just you in new hair.