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Ordered a intro, but no file attached after delievered


What should I do? I am new to fiverr and how do I accept it? I already reviewed but theres nothing file?


@chasep754 You have reviewed but have not received the file yet ? what did you review about then ? :slight_smile: This is confusing. It would be better if you can explain your issue a little more clearly for the community to help.


I just do a 5 star review to everyone that delivers. What should I do since I didn’t recieve my order and seller is not responding?


If your seller is unresponsive you can contact customer support. Go to and submit a request.


I cannot understand why anyone would do that.
When you receive a delivery it says that you will not be able to request changes after you accept it but yet you accepted it without checking it first. I don’t think there is much you can do except hope that the seller responds and sends the file having accidentally forgot to add the attachment to the delivery.
Aside from that you may just have to take it as a lesson learned.


Try to contact and clarify things with the seller first and if he does not reply back, contact CS and tell them everything like @annai80 suggested. Hope they will be able to help you.


Your question is might be confusing what service you rendered?


Please contact seller and tell him what you need.
If he/she not responding contact customer support.


Exact Same issue. So now he cancels the order and I am just out the processing fee???


The processing fee is paid to load the money into the system. The credit you have from the cancellation can be spent on other purchases and you wont have to pay the processing fee again unless the next order is for more than your available balance.