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Ordered and canceled without task

So buyer placed an order(without requirements), in 1-2 hours I opened Fiverr and asked how can I help, in 2 hours the buyer asks to cancel an order, cause he ‘got is sorted on my own’.

  1. will a not started order cancelation affect my statistics?
  2. What about the feature announced by @MichaKaufman from ( to able to cancel without affecting stats?
  3. If there is no option to not lose ratings, HOW I’m supposed to deal with it?
    It’s just nonsense!

It doesn’t actually say that you can cancel without affecting your stats. The blog says: “Soon, sellers will have the option to stop communication and orders from certain buyers, all without impacting cancellation percentages or seller rankings.” That means that you can block a potential buyer to keep them from ordering. If they already ordered but the project isn’t started, it still affects you if you cancel. There is currently no option to cancel without impacting your stats. I can’t say how you are supposed to deal with it since all of us have the same problem. It’s silly, but it’s a fact on Fiverr currently.