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"Ordered by mistake" no longer an option?


Every once in a while I go through and clear out the old “incomplete” orders that buyers put through weeks/months ago and never submitted anything for. I went to do that today and “the buyer ordered by mistake” option was no longer there.

I used the “buyer is not responding” selection but I’m wondering if that can negatively affect my gig (there were about 5 accidental and incomplete orders to cancel).

Why did they remove that option? It’s never fair to penalize a seller for canceling an “incomplete” order that never even started, so I’m assuming Fiverr does not count it against your gig’s rank … do they?



Hi Sydney,
It would be best if you create a ticket with CS and tag the order number and let them cancel the order for you due to failure in submission of information.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


LEAVE THEM WHERE THEY ARE!!! Canceling these (even via CS) does affect rankings. Don’t learn the hard way.

Then again, if you do cancel these and all is well, please let us know.


Someone’s a bit jumpy this month… lol :rolling_eyes:


I always am this time of month. It’s a man thing.


Sorry man, didn’t realize it was that time of the month for you…!


Maybe it’s just me, but since the ones where requirements are never submitted just hang around in my active sales, which annoys me to no end, I usually give them a week or two then cancel the order. Maybe I’ll stop if they start affecting my cancellation rate significantly, but for now having correct numbers outweighs the penalty to me. Don’t really see the point of having an incomplete order from eight months ago sitting around.

A sale that never was.

Mocking me.


I just leave them there unless the buyer asks me to cancel them.


It was just a few orders so it didn’t affect me much, but I like to clear them from my queue. I’ll do that next time :slight_smile:


I’ve got some of these that I didn’t dare touch. One has been there for around a year. I don’t know if the fiverr rankings will affect me, so I just leave well alone…