Ordered by mistake, please cancel


Being a seller I saw this message from my buyers a lot of time.

Today is a special day: three times, three times in a day I had to see this message from three different buyers.

All the buyers ask me a mutual cancellation and naturally I’m forced to cancel the order; but I decided not to do it immediately and write to Customer Support asking them to cancel these orders and stop this problem!!

Yeah, I told them that cancellation ratio now can be seen from buyers and this can affect our sales; and I told them that mutual cancellations affect our Levels eligibility (many of us lost their Levels and extras because of an high percentage), so they must change their rule about mutual cancellations due to:

  • orders placed by mistake
  • orders placed asking things that seller clearly states he/she cannot do in gig description
  • orders placed asking things that violate Fiverr or government rules

    99% of my cancellations are in one of these three categories and I’m having enough now, really.

    What do you think?


I placed a big fat (v2) “PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING” in all of my Gigdescriptions. You only did this for your featured gig.

Worked everytime so far (Except one time today when someone instantly ordered 3 times the wrong gig. But the price stays the same so I just do it and meh…)

They still should change the thing about the mutual cancellations. I already had one myself.


almost 8 month ago i have talk with fiverr support they told me that mutual cancellation is not effect on your rating or profile… i dont know who tell you that its effect on level eligibilty… please confirm with fiverr support about it…


Reply to @fawadyk: HIGHER number of mutual cancellation definitely affect on LEVELS and not on RATING.

I just got demoted recently from LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 1 for the very same reason " MUTUAL CANCELLATIONS"

I have 20+ orders cancelled in which buyers give these reasons to cancel:

– i order by mistake

– I did not mean to order this. Sorry.

– did not see delivery time, i cannot wait such long

– did not read gig description properly, sorry my bad!

– change my mind, do not need this service anymore, sorry

– you are offering less then what other fiver sellers offer, don’t want to continue

So i LOST my both LEVELS and there is no mistake from my END.


P.S: My Cancellation RATIO is 11%



Yes i lost recently both LEVELs due to same reason

And i have asked Fiverr Customer Support to convey my message to your officials to resolve this issue.

I am waiting for any reply from @kevinwil on this thread: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/8926/good-news-sellers#Item_145

Everyone has this problem, why not just fiverr DISCARD MUTUAL CANCELLATION from the reason of DEMOTING LEVELS.


Oh that angers me… I had the SAME PERSON buy my gig twice… and cancel both times.



Got another order and then a message from buyer “pls cancel and refund my order"

When i contact Support they said:

”“I understand it must be frustrating when buyers cancel like this. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to force them to go through with an order - some order by mistake, misunderstand the gig description, or no longer need the services etc. Perhaps you can resolve the issue with the buyer and they may decide to go through with the order :). Good luck.”"



EXACTLY! I started a thread about this too.


And now with V2, I predict this will happen more often due to the fact our gigs have THREE “Order Now” buttons. It makes it really difficult to scroll and navigate on a mobile touchscreen and avoid touching one of those three green buttons.

Fiverr needs to change their “order by mistake” rule ASAP!!!


I just got a response from Support after a long debate.


You have to appreciate our position on this as well. Many many sellers have no issue with keeping their cancellation rate reasonable and as both those sellers and you are a part of Fiverr they have buyers from the same population. If you use the forums as you mentioned, you may want to bring the topic up there more and ask other sellers what they do to avoid cancellations.

Bottom line, the issue is out of our hands. It is up to you to manage your business and take any steps you can to reduce the number of cancellations you have. If your cancellation rate is 11% as you stated then you should be well on track to get your Levels back but this is always up to our systems and not an editorial decision. We wish you the best of luck but we cannot influence this system at all.""


Reply to @musiclover: They are not going to do anything. Read my latest message. I got a disappointed response from SUPPORT.

bitbyteworld said: Bottom line, the issue is out of our hands. It is up to you to manage your business and take any steps you can to reduce the number of cancellations you have.



Reply to @alliemadison12: this could be a way Allie, but he could reject your delivery and leave a negative feedback, so you need to handle it with Customer Support… in any case we’re wasting our time for these kind of orders and, anyway, we’re penalized…


Reply to @bitbyteworld: WOOOOOW! I can’t believe this. We’re paying them 20% for what!? Wtf they mean how others keep their cancellations down?! If 500 people accidentally ordered a gig within a month, then what? They still wouldn’t give a f**k?! I’m pissed!


I had three different accounts, all from the same, small country, order $65 gigs, then say “sorry, please cancel.” It’s obviously the same person. So, you know what I did? I “delivered” and told them that I am not going to be penalized for their carelessness. I haven’t heard from the accounts for like 5 days… That may be bad, but hey. It was obvious that they ordered intentionally.


I offer a guide to applying for adsense, which specifically say I do not sell adsense account yet people still order it and give me their bank details etc as though I’m selling them an account (Which is illegal yet fiverr still lets people sell them…)


Reply to @mark74: Either way it will probably end in a cancellation, but I’m not going to let him get away with it!


seems like buyers should be penalized just like on ebay if they bid without paying for the item they get a warning one or two times then the 3rd time they do it they are kicked off or have to pay for the item regardless every single time if its a mistake or not . If somebody makes 3 purchases mistakes they clearly have some type of purchasing issues.


If I had buyers “ordered by mistake” then it will have to depend on the amount on orders they make. If they accidentally order by mistake once without extras then maybe I might cancel. But, if they decided to order multiple times plus extras then sorry, if you ask me to cancel because you order by mistake then I don’t believe you.

I just click deliver then that’s all. But there’s a chance they might hit me with negative feedbacks. But you’re screwed either way so I rather take the money for the trouble they cause on order by “mistake” when it’s not really a mistake at all.

Also if Fiverr CS continue with their attitude in not carrying out their duty, the good sellers will start leaving. In the end, only scam sellers and newbies (who will leave also if they know how terrible the support is)


Reply to @musiclover: Every Freelancing Site does the same. First they ask to join as SELLERS, and then they just protect their DUMB buyers!

From now on, i will never think to make Fiverr my First source of income. It can never be due to these uncertainties.

Customer Support is right, many sellers have no issue with their cancellations because they are getting orders in double figure daily, so why would they worry about this. And that is why i did not see many TRS speaking for this issue. (very few are supporting though).

BOTTOM LINE: No protection and there is uncertainty for every seller.


Fragglesrock in one hand, place all your actually helpful “Customer service” responses in the other, see which one fills up first.