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Ordered By Mistake

so i get an order,
and after on hour the buyer requested to cancel the order.

basically i didn’t get any orders for the last month “may be 3 orders in the last month”

so should i cancel?

i’m talking about effect on order completion ratio.

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hmmm! its better you just cancel and save yourself the stress…


Don’t think about your completion ratio. Just cancel it. or it’ll be cancelled by Fiverr once the buyer reaches CS. Or you can ask CS to cancel it and ask them to keep your order completion rate as the same because that cancellation is not your mistake.


the buyer firstly said that he want to get a design

then after one hour i just notified that he opened dispute he want to cancel that order made bt mistake.

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Maybe he found for himself a better offer

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yes i think so also but is that my fault,
so you advice me to cancel

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And if he ends up pushing trow with the offer he might just leave you with a bad review which will cost you more than $5 to get rid of it

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If the buyer said to cancel the order because it’s made my mistake, there is nothing to talk about further. buyer already accepted it as his mistake.

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buyer submitted desiggns and want me to edit these designs

but after that he want to cancel because he sent the wrong files

“think that buyer is new to fiverr and didn’t know that he can resubmit the requirements or files again”

Cancel it so it isn’t escalating and affecting your rankings even more.

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If you cancel it then it will effect your gig.
You do have an option “buyer order by mistake” in dispute section or whatever it call :roll_eyes: in your top right section in order page.
That way order will be cancel without effecting your gig.


I just got same problem here. Someone opened dispute and said he was ordered by mistake :slightly_frowning_face:. I even didn’t notice he make an order