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Ordered by mistake?

When a Buyer cancels because they ‘made a mistake’ -Why does this go against the sellers? It wasn’t my fault that they didn’t read the requirements before purchasing!!!

I can’t seem to catch a break!

Also, I have orders that the buyer didn’t submit their information after I reminded them to send what is needed. Some of these orders are almost 2 years old. If that buyer suddenly remembers that they never submitted the requirements and decides to cancel - WHY AM I PAYING FOR THAT?

Fiverr is becoming more and more of a headache! They do not support their sellers and customer support always point the finger towards the seller!


Trust me there’s nothing you can do about it. sooner or later order will cancel from customer support. I understand how frustrated you’re right now. so my advice is don’t discourage keep provide the best service.


If this type of thing happens, you can politely ask CS to restore your stats.


This just happened to me this week. I took a screenshot of the message where the buyer said they ordered by mistake and sent it along with a message to CS asking them to cancel the order without affecting my stats. They did just that. The key is to tell the buyer you will contact CS and get the order canceled instead of using the resolution center.


I’m going to try that. Thanks Vickie!


I have tried that and they were no help. I’m going to try again. Thank you

It happens in the real world, too.

When I owned a newspaper business we would see the odd ad cancellation or subscription cancellation for some of the most insane reasons.

But we had to eat those losses as part of doing business.

Fiverr is much the same.

Freelancing is not a hobby, it is a business.

Expect to encounter some customers who will cause you to eat a few losses.


I think the screenshot was key. The CS agent said something about since reading the screenshot I see the cancellation was the buyer’s fault so I will go ahead and cancel this for you. They always give you the routine about they can not guarantee that it won’t affect your stats, but it never has in my experience.

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Lol you can do that actually?

Do what, Michal? Talk politely? Or do you mean ask to have your restore stats restored?

Once when I cancelled through the resolution center because of an order by mistake it did affect my stats. So, I contacted CS and politely asked for them to restore them and they did. Although again I got the, “We can not guarantee anything” message, they were restored.

Exactly that’s what I was always getting. CS always told me that system does that automatically and they can’t promise it wont affect my stats. So they do actually can restore stats intentionally.

Yes, it would seem so.


But if I already did a mutual agreement of the order cancelation with my customer, will the CS team help to restore my order complete rate…? :worried:

You can always try. There is nothing to lose by doing so.