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Ordered Gig - CC Receipt Generated But No Order Number or Gig

We just ordered a gig with a gig extra using credit card as payment. The payment was processed and the receipt was generated and emailed to us, however the gig does not appear anywhere (not in the active list, not awaiting information from the seller, etc) and also we did not receive an email with an order number.

Where did the disconnect happen and how can it be resolved?

I just want to confirm first, you paid FIVERR with your credit card, not the individual seller, right? If that is correct, I don’t know why your order wasn’t created and didn’t move along to the next step, but you will need to contact Customer Service and file a ticket with them. Normally they need an order number to work on your problem, but give them the seller’s nickname, the gig title, the day you made the purchase, any details from your receipt, anything you think might help them find the order.

(If you paid the seller directly, then you & the seller have broken Fiverr’s terms of service and CS will not be able to help you. However the seller should be reported to CS in order that his membership gets banned so he can’t do this to others.)

If it’s the first time you’ve asked for help from CS, the links are on each page. You can skip the FAQ’s, look for a small link near the bottom of the page (if I remember correctly!) that says “Still can’t find the answer?” or something like that. You’ll need to open a CS account (quick process; it confirms how to contact you best), then fill in a form including as much info you can give as possible. After submitting you should quickly get an email with a verification link which you must click. Then CS will start on your problem. You may not hear back quickly if they are very busy, so give them time.

I saw another poster with exactly the same issue as you. Did you see any notice about needing to wait 24 or 48 hours for your credit card purchase to be cleared before your order would be initiated? If not, then it appears that there IS a problem with orders being started with credit card purchases at the moment, and you will definitely need to contact customer support.

Good luck, and sorry to hear about your problem here~