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Ordered Gigs and Duration

Lets say my regular $5 gig has a set duration for 4 days and the Client orders 3 of those. Wouldn’t that change the duration to 12 days? Currently, I had a Client order an X amount of my regular $5 gig (not extras) and the duration still remains 4 days. Thoughts?

You know, the same thing just happened to me. Someone ordered 3 gigs (not extras, but individual gigs.) One would think the set days would multiply by the number of gigs ordered. To my surprise, I got 24 hours to finish 3 days’ work.

That’s really about your personal business and time management. Isn’t the whole goal to get lots of orders? What if 15 people came today and ordered 1 gig each, then you would have 4 days to complete all 15 orders. It doesn’t matter if 1 client buys 15 gigs or 15 different people buy just 1 gig.

The issue for you as a freelancer is to really decide how much time you need to complete a lot of gigs. As you start to receive more gig orders per day, you may need to change your delivery days to 5 or 6 days instead of 4 and then continue to adjust as needed. Sometimes sellers need to even “pause” their gigs if they have too many gigs in their queu in order to catch up.

Also, using your logic, if times got extended people would not buy. If the 3rd person came along today and bought a gig and was then told it wold be 12 days that would not work. Buyers are buying the gig specfically for the number of approximate days it takes. HOw you handle the workflow on the back-end is up to you in how much you can do.

And if you get an order that you can’t possibly do in that time frame, immedaitely offer them a mutual cancellation saying you are really sorry but you will not be able to do this gig this week in that time frame. So that is another way to handle it if you get to a point where someone orders something you cannot deliver, just do the cancellation right away, do not wait until it is almost due.

Or maybe for every (regular) gig they buy, add on a day per purchased gig. One $5 (regular) gig be the original duration set then if they purchase (for example) 3 more regular gigs, then add on 3 days. Just a thought!