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Ordered, NOT just a $5 thing; but a $21+ thing - HOW LONG SHOULD I WAIT?

Seller got the passcodes to my blog etc.,

and; destroyed my main page ?

and; whatever they have left there; is NOT better

what is NOW there is NOT even useable

i choose a ‘theme’ - they never installed it

i put the pictures etc; into the ‘media’ section of the blog

they didn;t contact me for 3 days; and; i didn;t bother them for 3 days

and, the project closed itself - and; became complete

i didn;t even have a chance

to review anything - and, when a review thing did show up; i ignored it

because i didnt; think it would be fair; to leave a bad review

that maybe the seller was backed WITH JOBS

and, paying $21 was pretty cheap,

to get stuff done; i didnt know how to do

and; it is would be dangerous to complain

because this person has my passwords

and; could destroy my blog; etc.,

and; take control of my site; etc.,

so, how long do i wait; until i change my passwords

and; just forget i spent $21

back in january,

does it take 2+ months to install a theme ?

that is another order ; where i ordered 2 - $15 orders from another vendor

they delivered 1 - 100% - 2nd one, delivered only 50% of it

i dont know how to change my password

that is why i tried to hire someone to help me

sorry; i typed december; instead of january

(i knew i started ordering stuff on fiverr in december)

not sure; what to do next - esp; since; i let my old website go

thinking blogging would be easy to do

This system really really sucks !!!

HERE is what i ordered of fiverr:

Create responsive wordpress themes

Seller: Sheriff’s note: calling out names is not allowed.

Order: #FO520D3B9D61January 08, 2015


create RESPONSIVE wordpress themes ×1 5 Days $5.00

EXTRA Responsive design ×1 No Change $10.00

EXTRA install wordpress & 5 page content ×1 No Change $5.00

Processing Fee (5%) $1.00

Total $21.00

NOW; check out , AND, see the mess

i just added the facebook box (Myself)

i had remove ‘copy’ they put up there; that was stolen from another website ?

under copyright - they had typed (not, my name)

and, who would put a flashing ‘item’ on a blog - and; i don;t know where or even how to remove this thing

and, and; have you ever seen anyone label pictures so badly ???

i uploaded pictures to the media section

tried to tell them; what i was trying to do

and; then the strange thing typed down in the bottom left side

"Within the cultural paradigm of which I come the thought of ‘paying’ for a Ceremonial never comes up because the thought of NOT paying is never considered, so there is never the need to put a ‘price tag’ on anything of a spiritual nature." ???

and; then on the other side

It looks like your Facebook URL is incorrectly configured. Please check it in your widget settings. ???

i managed to get my www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/the13thbridge (to show up myself)

however; i don;t have a clue how to get rid of that flashing thing

and, i don;t know how to block them either

since; now that i complain; they will likely completely destroy my blog

why wouldn’t you change your password after the incident ?

Reply to @the13thbridge: I totally understand that you’re frustrated. And yeah, using Fiverr can be a huge pain. But you initially posted about this on February 18 th for an order you placed on January 8 and you said you were waiting since December!?! What?

You should have cancelled the order as soon as it wasn’t working out and used the credit to order from another seller.

Regardless, just change your password! You should have done that as @kay2809

said, today, and as @madmoo said back on Feb. 18, as soon as you didn’t get what you ordered.

I’m sorry it’s been a bad experience for you, but you could have made it much easier on yourself by handling things as they happened instead of waiting for months.

Good luck to you in the future!

Question: if you can;t give someone your email address

nor, a link to where you have thing; how is a seller supposed to get your info

Question: shouldn;t a seller doing this type of job

  • give you something to fill out

    so; they know what they are putting on your 5 web pages ???

    and; shouldn;t a seller ask for information that they will be required

    to put onto your site ???

    i hired someone because i don;t know how to put up a theme

    NOW, i don;t know how to get rid of ‘the crap’ they parked on the site

Contact your blog hosting company and they can change your password. They can also wipe your site clean or revert to a previous backup so you can start again. Fiverr CS might help with the seller issues but you waited so long it’s hard to say. Also, you can give sellers info that is necessary for the job. You cannot give it to discuss Fiverr business offsite which protects you and the seller.

what is appearing there NOW

is MY GOOD WORK - not her work !!!

she said; she had 400 jobs - no wonder why she didn’t do mine

although i did figure out, she had installed a theme…

it was NOT activated properly, so; i got it activated NOW

her creative work is of the level of a 5 year old - so, i just deleted it; and; put up my own art - along, with my logo

  • i am a rookie, but; what i got happening now on the site

    looks pretty darn good :slight_smile:

    (i’ll just transfer the pages from my old website into it

    but, that might take me 5 days to do)

If you are trying to run a blog you should know basic administration.

Dashboard>Users>Your profile> change password.

I would suggest you to watch some tutorials on running a wordpress site. So that you can do the stuff yourself that you are paying to get done.

Email sharing is not allowed but I receive FTP access details resembling email format from the buyers. Which turns out just fine.

Links are not banned.

When you order a gig you see an instructions section where sellers list the requirements. Mostly these are also listed in gig description. I highly encourage you to ask the sellers before ordering so that you both can agree to what has to be done and what will be required to make the changes.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Good, logical advice.

Reply to @kay2809: More good, logical advice.

Now here’s my good advice. :slight_smile: @the13thbridge, ease up on the caffeine, meth whatever.

Take a few deep, slow breaths and read the comments above. Then make your WP blog exactly how you want it.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Lost it at meth =))

Reply to @kay2809: :wink: