Ordering a gig through a different gig


Has this happened to other people before? Buyers placing an order through an unrelated gig.

I have 4 gigs basically,

One for drawing a character,

One for designing a logo using Japanese characters

One for translation,

and the other is for accepting tips ( well, not sure if that one counts…)

The drawing-character gig is the one with the highest sales, and the most time-consuming.

Since I am busy getting ready for a business trip, I decided to suspend my character and translation

gig for about 2 weeks, and left the other 2 gigs available.

Then this morning I check my order box and sees that someone has placed an order through

the tip gig, and of course I thought Yes!! Someone has given me a tip! Thank you!

I assumed that it was from someone that bought my gig just a few days ago because he seemed

very happy with the work I’ve done for him.

BUT, it was not a tip, it was someone asking me for a character drawing.

She was aware that the character gig was not available, but still decided to place

an order using the tip gig. It didn’t seem like she was in a hurry to get it done or anything,

she just wanted to get an image done.

Did I inform people that my character gig will be closed for a few weeks, yes I did.

Well, I tried to let people know as much as I can.

So yeah, it’s just one image, it won’t take that long, I can and will work on it.

Well, I’ll be honest, it sucks for me since I did think that some nice buyer had decided to tip me,

but what bugs me more is that this person just decided to place an order using another

gig. I mean, she could have messaged me first. Or maybe wait until the gig was reopened.

It’s not that I am THAT upset, but I do have this “bleh…” feeling.

OK, ranting finished.

Time to go back to drawing! :smiley:


I had a few buyers who switched to my other service after ordering another gig :-?? and i delivered them anyways.


Sorry but LOL! :smiley:

I don’t have a tip gig so never happened to me but buyers placing an order through an unrelated gig happens all the time, I have infographic, cartoon, and mascot gig. People order cartoon and ask for mascot, buy on one and wanting another.

But not a big problem for me since I log and schedule them one by one.

To be honest you can just ask to cancel the gig, or you can refer someone you know capable of doing the job to help him/her.

Btw, why did you close your character gig? It’s a cool gig you should keep it imo. (edit: sorry just noticed the business trip)

Instead of closing it why not set up the deadline to 30 days? You might lose position and gig exposure if you suspend them.



Yup this happens to me a LOT.

Buyer wants gig faster, instead of ordering the proper gig at 7 days orders a 2 day gig. You feel obligated to do it unless you want to loose a sale and or get a cancellation to add to your tally.

It’s not right, but it does happen and usually you will receive a message saying “Sorry ordered on wrong gig…”


Wow, so it does happen often. Yikes.

I guess it’s not that much of a big deal depening on the situation, but

it would be nice if the buyers…well, read the description…

Thx people for your comments!


Same thing for me - I changed my turn around time on one gig that takes me longer now a few people have ordered on the wrong gig to get the faster turn around time and if you cancel it sets you back so yea… boo!

Makes me want to just make them all the same length - right now it’s only happened a few times so no big deal but if it continues that’s what I’ll do :slight_smile:


Similar happened to me, my gig is for creating ONE sales page in 10 days, buyer communicate with me over inbox for confirming to place order by discussing his work, and in the end he buy my LOGO design GIG which has delivery time of 2 days.

Its kind of cheating, instead of 10 day waiting or spending $20 for 2 day delivery, he buys another gig which has 2 day delivery and send me all info.

Now if i cancel, it will disturb my rating, if i am late in delivery trouble for me. If mutual cancel it, i will lost money.

Basically he cheats the system. And i can do nothing but to deliver him.



I pause my gigs regularly but leave the ‘tip’ one open, and people order through that, its annoying as that used to be on a one day delivery, and they were cancelling if I never delivered their articles. Went on holiday once and came home to 9 cancellation for ‘late delivery’


yes! That happens a lot.

One more problem comes with this kind of orders. After completion if I get a nice feedback I would like it to be on the related gig but its misplaced actually in this case.

And I think system should complete the tip gig within a few minutes after the order is placed. And that’s the whole purpose of a tip gig. I think this will save sellers from such unjust


Reply to @ryangillam:

That sure does suck. When someone orders a gig through the wrong order box

that does upset me already ( since I get the feeling that people are just NOT

reading, and people who just don’t pay attention tends to…well, get on my nerves) but if it’s through a tip gig, that really makes me sad.

One moment I’m feeling all happy for the extra money and the fact that

someone like my stuff that much, but then the next moment I realize that

they just want a different gig.

I message them back, they do say sorry, but seriously…that doesn’t really make me

feel better. If they are going to say sorry, just don’t place the order in the first place.

I’m sure there is no “mistake” the gig description is clear!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, hopefully it won’t happen that often to me