Ordering a video on fiverr? You MUST read these tips


TLDR (too long didn’t read) version is at the bottom/closing.

Here is a simple yet detailed checklist that you should follow when ordering a video service on fiverr.
I may re-vamp this later and even create a video on the subject for you all to soak it in better.

This comes from the past 5+ years of selling video services on fiverr.
This list will help you complete an order with your video seller in less time , with less hassle , and maybe even for less $$.

1) If you are NOT a native English speaker. Your script may contain GRAMMAR ERRORS.
– You will want to ask a good friend or business partner(s) to review your script that you plan to have recorded by your seller here on fiverr. Or find a proofreading gig for $5 - $10 to fix this for you.

Some video sellers offer proofreading of scripts somewhere in their profile so visit www.fiverr.com/SELLERNAME (replacing their fiverr name with “SellerName” in the link will show you their main gigs page) and see if you can find their proofreading gig first BEFORE placing any order with them.

Otherwise you may cause a lot of problems with the seller , have your order cancelled , or have an extra surprise charge on your order if your seller cares enough about fixing your script and giving you a great video.

You should be grateful that they spotted an error in your script and either accept the charges to fix it , or cancel your order , fix it somewhere else , and re-order from them. IF they care to tell you there is a problem with your script … they deserve your business. Plain and simple.

If you try to get them to fix it for free SHAME ON YOU.

Here is an example of what NOT to do after your seller has shown you there is a problem with your script.
(Real example of a client trying to get free work: “My frind for now I have limit budget, I already paid extra 10 $ , So please be cooperate with me and modified on script,I am dealing with other buyer now it’s women and she make modified with no extra money , tank you.”).
Based on that excerpt… Can you imagine how problematic their actual script is?

If you do this to sellers …at least dont order from us lol :wink:
What may happen is… you may have your order cancelled , or the seller may deliver the video with poor grammar just as you wrote it… in this case… thats whats going to happen to this guy. “Tank him.”

As a buyer , you must understand… It’s not ANYONE’S obligation to do free work for you because some other seller is selling themselves short.

In case you want to know why sellers dont “Just fix it and be nice…” … here is why… again first hand experience. Simply put… The Seller statistically loses more money trying to help buyers like this instead of just accepting orders and doing the work… remember that. This forum post is for your benefit… follow it closely…

– For a seller it’s simply easier to accept an order , do it … and get paid for it. HOWEVER … when we actually try to care about the client… we tend to lose money. We’ll ask them to fix their script and they disappear with a “Oh thank you for catching that!!!”…

So have your stuff ready at the start… avoid these issues with your seller. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the script contains exactly what they should say. It may be helpful to let them know if they should not “ad-lib” or stray from the script with their own words… In most cases , you’ll be lucky to have your seller correct a problem with your script for exactly the reason above. And we’ve had clients who actually asked us to say exactly what the script said even after we tell them it’s not correct grammar… This is usually for their own SEO reasons… but still serves as a reason why I’m stressing this HERE. After trying to be helpful one too many times , only to lose money or get burned… sellers settle for becoming order takers because thats what it all comes down to.

- Make sure YOUR stuff is 100% RIGHT. Bottom line , don’t allow your seller to make any mistakes… or be prepared to own up to them. :slight_smile:

2) Have ALL MATERIALS at the start of placing your order.

  • Don’t place an order and tell your seller…
    “Hey I’m gonna get you my logo tomorrow or the next day ok??”

In these cases your seller may cancel your order or opt to extend the timer.

As a seller , when we extend the timer , we run the risk of putting ourselves in danger in a few ways.
A) The buyer may not accept the extension and the order may go late due to the buyer’s fault of not giving the seller everything at the time of placing the order (missing logo!)
B) YOU , the buyer , may get upset at the seller asking to cancel or extend the timer and thus the seller has a small chance of YOU the buyer leaving a less than 5 star rating. Buyers get upset and take it out on the seller all the time… We , as sellers , are aware of this … and so we try to give you all simple rules to follow and there are great reasons behind some of the small things. So … cooperation goes far.

3) Consider the color scheme + Transparency.

  • Make sure you know what background your video will have on it… Is the seller delivering a PURE white background by default? Will that color look good with your logo? Probably so … But what if your logo has a square background thats a solid color? Will that blocky logo look good on the default background?

These are things you need to ask yourself or you may end up with a logo and background color that simply clash in the worst ways… Or you may want to remove the background color in your logo and submit to your video seller a logo with an invisible background (in .png format). We always appreciate having a logo with an invisible background.

If you have a square logo with a blue background… And you stick that on a video with a white background… You will have a blue squared logo on a solid white background…
Often this looks less than professional…

If you are capable of removing that blue background from your logo, this will tend to look a lot better. Most video sellers do this for a fee.

There are tons of sellers doing background removal for $5… And so can your video seller… for $5 too.

4) Providing proper PRONUNCIATION for hard names/words/places etc…

  • This one is self explanatory but goes undone soo much and causes so many potential problems and bad ratings.

This is an easy problem to fix. If it looks even REMOTELY difficult to say or if people might put emphasis on the wrong syllable of your name/word/product/brand whatever… Make sure you provide a
Pronunciation key (Pro - Nun - See - A - Shun) (kee)

Got it? – This will ensure that the seller does your video corectly the FIRST time around and doesnt charge YOU for not providing proper pronunciation. For example , it’s in our re-do policy that we REQUIRE you send us a pronunciation key or its simply a $10 minimum charge to re-do it.

5) Ask for your seller’s re-do / modification policy.

  • Most sellers will charge the buyer a free for redoing a video unless it was a mistake made by the seller.
    Find out what your seller will re-do for free OR NOT…
    Find out the costs involved with re-dos…
    By reading that document , you should be able to avoid the most common pitfalls. So ask them for it!

In Closing / TLDR

  1. Provide proper pronunciations for hard names/words/brands/anything/everything that sounds remotely difficult to say.
  2. Dont create the video order until ALL of your materials are ready to be uploaded to the order.
    (Dropbox is helpful for larger files)
  3. Script is proofread + grammar checked. Expect it to be read word for word AS IS.
  4. Consider your Logo + color scheme + background of the seller’s video carefully.
  5. Make sure the seller has nothing else to ask you for or think about when it comes to speaking your script or showing your graphics.

It may be a good idea OR REQUIREMENT to indicate when and where those graphics should show up as some sellers will charge a “brainstorming fee” to figure this out… Its extra thinking work… and time is money. (We require simple instructions from the buyer to know when and where they want their graphics to appear or we charge a small fee to do it ourselves - it’s worth it because it saves YOU a lot of time)

Lastly , don’t forget to tip your seller if they did a good job.
Fiverr takes 20% out of a seller’s order when you place it.
(Meaning on a $100 order , the seller makes $80 out of that $100)

  • So on larger orders … this adds up.
    Some sellers ops to charge that “Fiverr fee” back to the buyer like we do. And for good reason. Some sellers are delivering work thats easily worth 3x or 5x more. It’s your responsibility to figure out if someone is a garage seller , or making a living. And prepare your wallet accordingly.

I hope this helps some of you ordering videos.

Save the bottom portion of this somewhere on your hard drive and use it as a checklist if you need to. It’s going to save somebody time, money , and frustration at some point or another.


In addition to #1
a) a script is not a sales letter (it’s how we speak and not how we write)
b) a script does not contain bullet points, a numbered list, or sentence fragments
c) if a word or phrase is to be stressed, use only one form of emphasis to mark (bold, italics)
d) don’t submit your first draft; only polished scripts make polished videos


Yes! Scripts that you send to your video seller should be finalized.
You should read them as if you are the one saying the commercial… if it doesnt sound natural… you’ll want to change it up…

Also Don’t expect to copy + paste some part of your website and call it a script and hope your video seller is going to make magic with it. Any creative work on the seller’s behalf takes time. That time usually comes with a cost. Some script writing gigs may offer a discount to you if they are asked to “make your script better”. Be sure you know your options with your seller. Don’t just assume they will take your script and “make it right” for free.

Dont send them your powerpoint file and think it’s a “Script”.
Often powerpoint files contain bullet points and lists and many sentence fragments as @matureactress pointed out.

We specifically ask clients to remove from their script any page numbers , titles , headings , or anything else that we should NOT say. Otherwise , we WILL say them.
(Again , been burned too many times trying to do anything but follow directions)

Very good tips. I hope you dont mind me adding this to the original post if this grows out of control. I’ll give everyone due credit of course.


Hey fellow Sellers (slight pause here) how about an AMEN? (said once with conviction, while nodding your head twice).


This is a good idea for a new planet. I am reading full tips. Really helpful. Thank you, “videostore” Nowadays lots of resale Whiteboard animation Explainer videos. for example. $50 get an order. then again others editor resale same gig $5 or $10. so take care. New seller No bad.


No problem. Glad to help!
Yes be careful ordering very cheap whiteboard animations here. A lot of them look nice but contain enough grammar mistakes to have a native English speaker instantly click OFF of your website! So be careful =)