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Ordering an extra after gig ordered


So many sellers have that they will deliver whatever in 7 days, but if you click and pay for the gig extra…you can get it in 1 day.

I have ordered the rush extra at times. Other times no.

I have one active order that is 7 days, expected delivery is tomorrow at around noon. So in about 6 hours.

Curious, if I wanted the rush order and didn’t click for it, and pay for the gig and give instructions for the gig, is there a way to order the rush (and obviously pay the rush fee)?


The buyer can request the seller send the option for that extra.

I’m not often a buyer so I don’t know exactly what they see on the order page.
But they can request of the seller to add an extra after the original purchase.



If the gig extra shows up on your order page, you can buy directly from there - so that it will be associated with that gig and won’t be a seperate purchase.

If it does not show up on your order page, as misscrystal has said, ask seller to send you custom offer for it.

Regardless of which method you use, there will be a seperate and new transaction fee of $1 or 20%.