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ORDERING anything

I have been trying to order for months and when I try to get support it is useless.
I was filling out the form when it asks what was the order number. How can I give a order number when I can not even competed a order. I can not even order from here anymore and im not getting any help. Anyone know what I can do ?

Hi, you don´t have to fill in an order number if you don´t have one, just put a ‘-’, the ticket will go through. :slight_smile:


Hello Latinone, I am sorry to hear that you’re not able to place the order.
Can you tell us, how you are doing it?

  1. Did a Seller send you an offer and you are not able to accept it?
  2. Or the order is not processing when you are placing it directly through a Seller’s Gig?

On the other hand, if you are submitting a ticket regarding this issue, you can just add ‘Nil’ in the form where it is asking for an order number and then submit the ticket.

I hope this helps.

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thanks you will try that. I was just putting in a order. I had ordered lots but past few months it just will not go through, thanks again

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