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Ordering more than one item at a time

I sell these handmade owls and one of my buyers wants to buy 22, but they tell me they literally have to order them 22 times because they cannot order more than one at a time. Is there an option they missed or is this actually happening? I mean, there must be an error somewhere. Not being able to make one order for multiple items is extremely time consuming and absurd. Is there any solution to this?

Unfortunately, until you level up, that is how your buyer must purchase multiple gigs. And each order shows up and is handled separately!( See Levels.)

This happened to me when I started -although not 22 orders!- so I explained it to the buyer and in the end he was very pleased with the work and didn’t seem to mind. Maybe suggest to your buyer to purchase first a group of 10 gigs, then wait until you get bumped up to Level 1 which should happen quickly because you’ve been a member long enough, when you’ll have gig extras and the buyer will be able to place a multiple order.

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about my cat! I’ve been a little busy lately~!

Thanks for your quick answer! The customers ended up ordering the gig 22 times so everything was great in the end.

Fantastic! And I see a Level 1 badge on your name! Super awesome! I’ll be back to order a cat pretty soon!

Reply to @celticmoon: Thanks! I finally got my Level 1 badge a few days ago, I’m very happy :slight_smile:

On the plus side, since they placed 22 individual orders instead of 1 bulk order, maybe you’ll end up with 22 separate positive reviews instead of just 1! :slight_smile: