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Ordering Multiple Gigs from one Vendor


I want multiple Gigs from one vendor. When ordering, how can I set up multiple orders (at $5 per gig) so I don’t have to go thru ordering one at a time. Very laborious when ordering 10 gigs.

I can only see Qty 1 when ordering.



If you hover over Order Now it gives you the option to buy multiple gigs :slight_smile:

If you need more than this, place 2 different orders (just make sure you type something in each order or it won’t show up on the sellers end!). Alternatively you could add Gig Extras to cover the cost :slight_smile:


I don’t see any ‘Order Now’ button when I click through ‘Request a Gig’. I ordered once from Nakul21 and received what I wanted. I want to order more but my last order was rated ‘Unapproved’. What am I doing wrong?


Ordering multiple gigs from the same seller




Reply to @bachas85: That’s also a very good point!


Something UNUSUAL HAPPEN to me last week in regard of NO LEVEL = NO EXTRAS and NO MULTIPLE.

I’m Currently a New Seller without any LEVEL.

a Buyer approached me and message me about some web work, she get interested on 3 figure amount. But as being NO LEVEL seller i was unable to add extras and ask her to order multiples.

So what she did was, order my gig 30 time ONE-BY-ONE. (i completed that and she give 30 review +ve)

I takes her whole 1 day to place the 30 orders.

So Far I have completed 94 orders in 26 days with 0 negative and 90 positive review and 0 canceled orders and now there are few buyers who also want to place 3 figure order.

IS THERE ANY EASY WAY for BUYERS? (DAMN QUICK PAY did not work well for buying GIG again and again for same seller. that is what buyer told me).