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Ordering new Fiverr Revenue Card


Hey there guys,

I got into a little problem here. My payoneer account is blocked now and I am not able to use it anymore due to “UNDISCLOSED REASONS” duh. I had my Fiverr account linked with it but originally, the Payoneer Mastercard was ordered through a different freelancing website. Now, can I order a new one through Fiverr? And what are other options to withdraw considering that PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan.

Any help regarding this issue will be appreciated, Thanks.


Hey Faraz, if your Payoneer account is blocked I doubt that it would work, but in issues regarding blocked accounts/credit cards I´d always rather contact Customer Support (click me) and talk to them anyway, before you might suddenly find yourself with another issue. They should hopefully be able to tell you if you have another option as well, if you can´t use Payoneer anymore. Good luck!


Thanks for your reply. I am sorry to say that Payoneer is completely fraud. I was using it for the past 5 years and never had a single issue till now. Now I have a payment stuck in there a huge payment. They kept me waiting for 25 days stating the reason that my payment is being reviewed by relevant department and today suddenly when I tried to login into my account, I got a message that my account is blocked. I immediately contacted their live support to see what’s going on and their agent kept saying that due to undisclosed reason my account is blocked permanently. I mean, I don’t have any right to know why my OWN account is blocked.


Yeah, I fear that ‘we can´t disclose reasons’ is a widespread absurdity. Of course I understand that policy when other parties are involved and they can´t tell me because of that, but when it´s just me, them and my account, well.

But we have bad cards against those things, companies write it in their terms, you have to accept the terms if you want to use them and have to live with them. If it´s a company that is more or less in a monopolist position and you fall into disgrace with them for whatever justified or unjustified reason, tough luck.

Fraud is probably not the right word though, as you may have done whatever, even if unintentionally, to get them to block their account, or someone who you sent money or got money from did and they blocked your account because of something they only suspect but not know, can be anything of course, if they don´t tell you what. Unless you know, you are left guessing, and you´ll find complaints about all such companies though, if you look for it, never mind if Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill or what others there are.


You’re probably right. I went a bit over with my choice of words but still they should’ve let me know the reason atleast. How could I know that I’ve done something wrong? I only used Payoneer with Fiverr and one another frerlancing site. I never sent or accepted any payments except from these two sites. I don’t know what to do now and how can I withdraw my money now. :sob:


I absolutely agree that they should tell you the reason, but I fear other than taking it up with the Customer Support of Payoneer and or Fiverr there´s not much you can do, if Payoneer is your only possibility.


You saw this thread? Maybe someone there knows if you have another option. Fiverr Pakistan