Ordering & Paying Routine


Over the last few days I’ve tried several times to place an order for a gig. No problems before, but now when I’ve ordered it and get to paying for it, I click PayPal… and then get switched to some company called KRILL, which wants me to join it and set up an account…WHY? WHY???

At other times… I get this message…??? from this site: https://www.FRAGGLESROCK.com/app/payment.pl?sid=47b9ce7c8d1db5026fcc7f3028300c9b


ERROR - The IP address you are using is registered to an anonymous proxy. To access our secure pages you must use the IP address automatically assigned by your Internet Service Provider."

What the hell is going on. I need Fiverr, but this is impossible.



Sorry all… the company name is SKRILL, and I still don’t want to open an account with it. So if a gig uses only that for receipts… I can’t use it.