Ordering Payoneer master card


hello everyone! i am a seller here but i also want to buy some services from the site… so i am going to order a card… as Paypal is not available in my country so i am ordering Payoneer card… will i be able to order on fiverr using that card…??? thanks in advance for your reply


Yes, you can purchase services on fiverr using payoneer card.
You can add this option when you check out the order.


thanks for reply… Do you have this card ?


I have this card i am from Pakistan


which service you want to buy I can give you wordpress service of any type


great… i am from UAE…Is it’s price $25


You want to buy card from fiverr?
or want to buy service from fiverr using that card?


i am looking for virtual assistant


Actually… i want to buy card first… Can you guide me in this process


if you dont mind let me know if i can serve you i am new seller here but have finshed my 2 orders with 5 rating


i dont know if i can post link here


i am logged in to Payoneer


do you have bank account in uae? or in your own country


Hi. Can I ask you something ??
Your profile said you are from “United Arab Emirates” but you have written in your description, You are form America. is it true ??

Are you sure PayPal is not available in your country ??

You can’t buy a Payoneer card directly. You could order card from Fiverr site or Payoneer site.

Already If you have any account. You can order your card. They will send you card within 15/25 days. Good luck


i am basically from americe …being here in UAE sice last 12 years


Maybe PayPal is available in UAE. Did you check it ??


Really… i didn’t know that


but i have payoneer account


If you want to buy something from Fiverr PayPal is better then Payoneer. If you need help. I could help you. Good luck


thank you so much sir…