I have a buyer who ordered a gig, but did not give me the details of what he wants done. What can I do if the buyer does not respond to my emails in regards to getting details of what he wants before the time expires? The time is ticking but I can’t do any work because I don’t have the details.


If there are 3 days left you can place a mutual cancellation if the buyer fails to respond within 3 days the cancellation will auto complete.

Failing that keep trying the buyer and then if you don’t hear anything just get in touch with customer services.


Howdy, what did he say in his original message when he activated the countdown clock? I wouldn’t be too stressed as fiverr support can easily cancel the order before the time expires, I’d recommend sending him another message and educate him on the submission requirements again. If the countdown clock expires you can also have the negative rating removed due to the fact he has failed the requirements.


He don’t say nothing just ordered a gig. And when i asking him what i need to do for him, he say “this is about video editing, no sure how to send video to you”. I tell him that he can upload on dropbox, youtube, skydrive or any other sharing site. And that is last message in conversation, he just disappeared.



Drop fiverr support a ticket and they will cancel for you.

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Thank you Jeff