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Orders acceptance needed or not

I am new here and I am really confused, I’ve some how discovered buyers request and offered few of them my services, now the part confusing me is do I need to start working on their projects straight away ( without much provided details), or they’ll first accept my offer?

The steps:

  1. send your offers to buyers who have requested a service. Add a note to stand out.
  2. Wait.
  3. If any of the buyers want to buy your service, you will see a notification on your fiverr page, that says something like: “congratulations, x accepted your custom offer.” It will show you a ticking clock showing you how long till deadline. If you filled out “buyer instructions” when you created your gig, then either you will see what the buyer wrote, and you start working on the order right away. Also best to write them a short message saying thanks for your order.
    If they have not yet filled out the buyer instructions, you’ll be notified of that, and then you have an option of writing the a message or clicking on the “nudge” button - to remind them to submit all the info you need.
    The clock doesn’t start ticking until they do this, and their side of the order is not complete as well.
    It’s a good idea for you to nudge them, because they might not be aware of all this. And if they are not even aware of that, they probably are not aware that the order hasn’t started either. This could lead to you actually delivering on time, but they believing you were late. And that can of course lead to a bad review.

If you didn’t get any notification = you didn’t get an order/get paid = don’t start working on anything,

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Let the buyers accept the offer…How can you complete the task with incomplete info…let them contact you…

Be unique in replying to their offers, don’t just copy and paste to others. Be flexible with time and your rate. Then they will contact you.

All the best.

Good idea friends. I will follow your suggestion.

A general rule of thumb for me is as long as I haven’t gotten a notification, I wouldn’t start working on anything. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: