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Orders ahoy! [ARCHIVED]


So after months and months of no orders, i get 4 in the same day.

People must be spendin those tax refunds! lol



Haha, I get that too, weeks upon weeks of no orders… and suddenly one week where everyone comes in and orders something. Weird. :))




Good for you, glad it picked up…Now don’t spend it all in one spot. :slight_smile:


Sometimes when I get a few orders all at once it’s because my gig is on the front page. No matter how it happens though, it always gives me a bit of a buzz!

Congrats and I hope your orders keep rolling in :slight_smile:


congratulation! do you advertise your gigs?


Grats, happens to us all haha :smiley:


That’s awesome!

It’s possible you also popped up on the recently active after the first gig was purchased. I hope you get many more!


Karma is a good thing - good things come as they say.