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Orders almost have stopped though my account is quite old now and I am maintaining 100% rating

Being a seller, it is a big setback for me, nowadays, orders almost have stopped. I don’t know how to react. I have a huge range of gigs with lots of variety. It seems my id is not being highlighted, hence a steep fall in the ordering by the buyers end. Is there any way to fix this issue and atleast keep getting orders on regular basis. Thank you

Good work for maintaining a 100% Rating. Keep that up!

I’m sure if you are active on the forums then your business will rise.


be patient…

I think it’s just like being a freelancer in any kind of job. Sometimes you get more clients than others.

Do some marketing!!!

No doubt business is really decreased on Fiverr as there are more sellers than buyers but people still earning more than $3000 per month from a single gig. So there must be some lack in your gigs. Those won’t be eye catching. I posted a gig and I could not get a single order. I saw a similar gig which was offering less than what i was delivering but it got 12 orders in a week. The only difference was the wording and use of proper tags. So you must check your gigs and edit them to get sales.

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Reply to @samadaslam: Copy their tags.

I’m in a similar situation, I got my first gig a few months in and have maintained 100%… I have posted on social media and I do get messages but no orders.

I also have a 100% rating and all five star reviews. I was hoping that it would mean a lot more than it apparently has. Fiverr may well be saturated with sellers. This is of course great for buyers looking for a really great deal. But i’m sure it may also be very intimidating to look at so many choices. The ‘recommended for you’ section is probably the best place if you can make it on there.