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Orders Are At An All Time Low


Since the inception of the new fiver site set up, my gig has fallen about 85% we used to do an avg of $800 per month, now we do $200 per month. We are on the front page, we are 100% rated and a trusted seller, with over 2k sales.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has this same problem. Or has any idea if the fiverr site will get back on track. If i don’t make sales, then fiverr don’t make money.



The Fiverr search algorithm fluctuates.

Best of luck.


I’m pretty much at rock-bottom but do you see me complaining? No amount of complaining on the forums is getting it fixed. My anxiety is pretty much killing me because of all this.


They are making it buyer biased like they do during their CS response.


Not Complaining, Just posting my opinion.