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Orders are Few and Far Between

Hey fellow Fiverrs,

I deactivated my account when we immigrated about 5 years ago and I recently reactivated my account and I am really struggling to get work again. There are of course so many sellers offering great services, so the competition is quite tough and of course there is the dreaded C word that will probably be affecting sales as well :mask:

I am a graphic designer, and offer banner designs. I am a Level 2 seller with 224 positive reviews. Most reviews are from a few years ago. I have completed 6 orders since Feb.

Does anyone have great tips for getting a more constant work stream or would anyone be willing to give my gig a once over and offer some advice? :grimacing:

Thanks in advance and I look forward to some positive advice.

Warm regards,


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Thanks so much for the link.

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Here are my suggestions:

  1. Pick a niche industry that needs graphic design.

  2. Create a specific gig directed at that industry.

  3. Post examples of your work to Instagram and use hashtags that will get your target market’s attention.

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Hmm, at a glance:

(IMG) point 2 and (DES) point 1.
I’ve also listed a bunch of links under the (RRD) section.

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