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Orders are not coming to me what should i do?


iam here from along time but did not get any orders plz help me


did your gig appeared in search volume. If your gig show in search volume but not in 1st 10 page then change keyword


If you write something like “i also write content and offer proofreading services
2500 writing of words in just 5 dollors” in one of your descriptions, potential buyers might question your competence in anything you offer.


If they’re not “coming to you,” you need to go find them! What are you waiting for? Besides, doing that is going to be hard considering what @catwriter just pointed out. But, good luck anyway! :four_leaf_clover:


Its natural that buyer is attracted to “number of reviews” a seller has. So first 8 to 10 orders are always difficult to receive. Here are few tips that helped me getting my first orders

1- Do not think about earnings on fiverr until you have reasonable reviews and you are frequently getting orders.
2- Do not jump into a crowded market. For example I personally feel that logo designing and 2d animation videos is very crowded. You’ll need some exceptional skills if you want to survive in these niches
3- Work on your skills first and then create a gig. Abraham Lincoln Said " If I have 9 Hours to chop down a tree, I would spend first Six sharpening my Axe"

Wish you good luck


Share your gig using social media,
change the key words
use the fiverr mobile app


Just because you are here, and have gigs on Fiverr, does not mean that you are guaranteed any orders. What are you doing to EARN your orders? Are you reaching out to your target customers, showing them how you can solve their problems, and convincing them to hire you? If you’re not doing these things, then that might explain why you have no orders.

Don’t sit around and wait for things to happen, get out there and MAKE them happen.