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Orders aren't showing on app and site and gives error

This seems to affect just the app for me, but a buyer was having the issue on the web version as well. Last time (and the first time I noticed it), I got a notification that I had gotten an order, but when I went into the app, it said something like “Something went wrong… Please try again later.” and was blank. When I went to the web version, it worked fine, but not for the buyer. When I delivered, the buyer was not able to access the order either by mobile or site. I still don’t know if he got it resolved, but I’m assuming so since I’ve heard nothing else after telling me he’d contact support.

Today, I was updating some of my gigs on the website and went on the app to check something and noticed it said I had an active order. Didn’t even get a notification this time. Thank goodness it was only placed four hours ago according to the website. App shows nothing besides showing a (1) beside active orders, still gives me the error. I’m concerned this will be another case of the buyer being unable to access the delivery and needing to contact support.

This is a very bad bug considering sellers get dinged for being late.

This has gone on for at least two to three weeks now, or that’s when I first noticed it anyway.

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It’s good to contact customer support about that. Hopefully they will assist you. But such an experience really sucks.

I wonder how annoying it must have felt!

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Yeah, I’m currently writing up a message to send to their support right now! I figured I’d mention it here, too.

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That’s good. But sometimes it’s a real process to get your issue resolve. Don’t know why the CS have been that way lately.

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