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Orders automatically completing without review from last few days

I hope you all are good. My profile was going great and I got 5 stars every time. But from last few days, every order is automatically completing without review. Is there anything wrong with fiver or with my profile?


Once you’ve finished your work for an order, you will need to deliver it to the buyer. Once the buyer accepts your delivery, it will be marked as complete.

If no action is taken by the buyer, the order will automatically be marked as complete three days after the due date.

Source - Delivering an Order

Hey! This is basics. I know that policy. I am asking, no one from last 5 or 6 orders has reviewed my work. It seems fishy! Is this happening to only me or something is generically wrong?

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It happens. Many of my orders got completed automatically, and the buyers didn’t bother to rate my order. Though it was quite disappointing, we can’t force the buyers to rate the orders.


Nothing is wrong with the system. Some buyers just don’t review an order. I have had a lot of orders without a review.

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No, everything is normal as before. I’m also facing same thing in last few orders.

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I have completed up to 200 orders, and atleast 10% has been auto completed, only twice somebody came back and asked for revision after AUTO, some people just like the work what u have done and dont bother to ask for revisions or to leave a feedback.


I see that you are facing feedback problem. It’s not a problem from fiverr. You know review and feedback depends on buyer. you have told last few days every order is automatically completing without review.

I know some buyer face disappointing to give feedback. So when you deliver your work then they just download their work and leave.

So continue your work. Don’t hasitate and follow fiverr forum for more experience.

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